Wearable Devices While Driving Could Be Dangerous!

Using Wearable devices while Driving could also be Life-threatening so be Aware!

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Wearable devices such as Google Glass for texting while you are driving is just as dangerous as sending a message with some ordinary cell phone, this has been found out by an Indian Scientist by a study. Researchers led by Murtuza Jadliwala, who is an assistant professor at The University of Texas at San Antonio in the US who recruited about 20 Volunteers on a University Campus.

How did they do it? Simply they used a driving simulator in a laboratory that had a three-screen display, wheel, and pedals. Volunteers were given the task to use the simulator and use either a smartphone or a Google Glass, which is an optical head-mounted display which is designed in the shape of eyeglasses.

Jadliwala and his collaborating scientists sent text messages to the volunteers and told them to drive the simulator safely while also to receive and respond to the sent messages. While the simulator was recording the deviations in the steering wheel and were the participants moved out of their lane.

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Jadliwala told that Google Glass distracts the drivers slightly less as compared to the simple smart-phone. But wherever it be it also gave the participants a wrong sense of safety. Since the wearable devices are able to respond much quicker and use voice controls. This would give drivers an increased efficiency but the device was more likely to be engaged with. This negated the marginal safety difference between a simple smart-phone and wearable devices like Google Glasses.

Since Google stopped producing the Google Glass in 2015, the wearable technology became increasingly popular. Jadliwala also noted that wrist wearable such as Apple Watch was successful and modern head-mounted displays are still in development.

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