Top 5 Wearable Smart Watches

smart watches

Smart Watches Are Becoming a Huge Trend, here are Top 5 to choose from!

Wearable Tech Devices have made our life much easier, easy health control and also improved efficiency. We’ve come across Top 5 watches to wear, they are based on their features, usability, functionality, and ability. So here are the Top 5 Smart Watches that are also based on rating been provided on Amazon reviews.

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1. Apple Series 2 42mm Smart Watch

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Rating: 4.2

Apple would be the first word that anyone would think whenever it comes to smart tech or smart watches, and yes it is for some good reason. While it didn’t come first but it is one of the best who was best in the market so you’re probably gonna see this brand first. As much it will have the best support in the most simple way. This watch will get connected to your iPhone and can display notifications, allow you to make or receive calls and even Siri is integrated.

Key Features:

  • 1.5″ display
  • Up to 18 hours of battery life
  • Direct fire speaker and microphone

Cost: Est. Rs. 41,105.00

2. Apple Watch Series 1 38mm Smartwatch

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Current Rating: 4.5

While you may discover different watches that do every one of the things your Apple watch can do, you’ll likely not discover a watch that works as well when combined with your iPhone. The iOS advancements converse with each other in a way you most likely won’t get from different gadgets. So in the event that you have an iPhone, an Apple watch might be your most solid option. With the utilization of voice to content, you can react to writings by basically and the voice acknowledgment is pretty spot on.

Key Features:

  • 4 color options
  • Activity and heart rate tracking
  • 1.3″ display

Cost: Est. Rs. 51,681.00

3. ASUS ZenWatch 3

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Current Rating: 3.8

This watch will match with your phone and can make your life so considerably less demanding. The battery in this smartwatch can go from 0-60% charged in 15 minutes. That is an unquestionably gigantic comfort! The screen is the primary ASUS has discharged with a round shape instead of the more customary square outline. This means a touch of the size is bargained, just 1.39 inches, yet the higher determination attempts to relieve that.

Key Features:

  • Fast Charging Battery
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connections
  • Android wear compatible

Cost: Est. Rs. 57,125.00

4. ASUS ZenWatch 2 Rose Gold 37mm Smart Watch

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Current Rating: 4.1

This smartwatch has style assortment in its shading alternatives. Regardless of whether you’re changing the lash or picking the case, you can make this watch precisely what you’d like. You can even pick between the 1.45″ or the 1.63″ screen. You forfeit the inherent speaker with the little model, yet the more reduced size may mean you’ll wear it all the more frequently. It’s water safe and has corning gorilla glass so you won’t have to stress over dealing with this watch with kid gloves.

Key Features:

  • Fast charging battery
  • Bluetooth and WiFi connections
  • Built-in Pedometer, activity tracker and progress reports

Cost: Est. Rs. 47,350.00

5. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

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Current Rating: 4.0

This fitness watch is appraised the #1 hit on Amazon among pedometers. This watch tracks a few unique exercises and continually screens your heart rate. It naturally tracks your movement and rest without having to physically design it every day. At the point when matched with your telephone, it enables you to get alarms from your most loved applications like Gmail or Facebook.

Key Features:

  • FitStar enabled allowing you to get the most of your workout
  • Long battery life – up to 5 days
  • Gorilla glass to prevent cracking or scratching

Cost: Est. Rs. 17,400.00

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