Shah Rukh Khan Reveals The Name Of His Expected 4th Baby!

Shah Rukh Khan Is Planning For His Fourth Baby!

What is King Khan known for? Oh Yes!!! His romancing on screen, but not only that he is just perfect in every single aspect of life. A perfect husband and an awesome father, Shah Rukh Khan always have time and proves himself and his love for his family. Either being protective of his daughter Suhana or becoming a kid for his little Abram, so if said he is a true definition of a father.

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Since he told that he opted surrogacy for his 3rd child Abram, and now he is planning for a 4th Child.

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srk and abram


It happened while Shah Rukh Khan was on the shoot for the new Ted Talks India. But in the show, he stumbled upon the name a lot of times, ‘Akanksha’. Between the shoot, he also told that he was stumbling upon the word because it never happened to him. And he finally says that. He thinks that he is gonna be having a 4th Kid very soon. And also he’s going to name her Akanksha. Well, it all goes to the Shah Rukh Khan and he proves himself all the time.

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