Top 10 Network Marketing Companies In India 2021

Network Marketing Companies In India

Network Marketing is a marketing model that generates revenue through a network of distributors who sell the company’s products and services or encourage others to join as distributors under them. In this model, participants can only earn an income in two ways, one being directly selling the company’s products to consumers, and the other, from the wholesale purchases made by the distributors whom they have recruited to work under them.

These companies claim to provide an avenue for individuals who require flexibility in their work timings and wish to work from home. This network marketing model is often compared to pyramid schemes which is illegal in many countries.

However, in India, a large number of companies are successfully operating with network marketing models with large profits. Here are 10 such companies that have made it big in India.

Following Are The Listed Top 10 Network Marketing Companies In India


Amway is an American network marketing company that sells a range of products in the beauty, health, and homecare sectors. It is no.1 direct selling company in India and the world. The company even has a manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu, only their third facility in the whole world. Amway’s brands have been around for a long time. NutriLite, in particular, has a loyal customer base and is currently the fastest-selling brand of vitamins and nutritional supplements in the world. The company aims to generate a turnover of Rs.6000 crores in the near future and is already quite close to that goal.

Distributor Network

Amway has established a distributor network in over 100 countries and continues to grow rapidly.

Distributor Benefits

A distributor can earn anywhere between 3-21% commission based on the total value of products sold, either directly to the consumer or to another distributor under them. The distributor is also entitled to monthly performance bonuses based on their sales record.

Mission and Vision

Amway aims to facilitate better, more nutritious and healthy living and also provide better opportunities for their distributors to grow their businesses while working flexibly from the comfort of their homes. The company’s core values are partnership, integrity, personal worth, achievement, responsibility, and free enterprise.

Amway Products: Network Marketing Companies In India

2. Herbalife Nutrition India

Herbalife is a network marketing company that makes and sells nutritional supplements. The company has been criticized for its products allegedly causing health issues but their sales turnover does not seem to have taken a hit because of this with a revenue of over Rs.500 crores, and continue to claim that their products are backed by scientific research. Their products include weight loss drinks and pills, protein bars and shakes, teas, vitamins, and other supplements.

Distributor Network

It has a global distributor network of nearly 5 million independent sellers in more than 90 countries.

Distributor Benefits

As a distributor, one can avail a minimum discount of 25% on the purchase of products either for themselves or for resale. Then the products can be sold at retail price and the difference in prices is where the distributor can book profits.

Mission and Vision

Herbalife aims to provide high quality nutritional products that are backed by science and adhere to industry manufacturing standards. They believe in high standards of business ethics and employee satisfaction.

HerbaLife Products: Network Marketing Companies In India

3. Forever Living Products International

Forever Living is an American network marketing company that specializes in aloe vera based products and sells other beauty and personal care products too. Founded in 1978, the company has its own aloe vera fields, manufacturing plants, labs for research and development, and distributor channels.

Distributor Network

Over the last 40 years, the company has grown tremendously with established distributor networks and customers in 160 countries.

Distributor Benefits

An FBO (Forever Business Owner) can earn commissions of up to 43% depending on sales volume. They can buy the products wholesale and sell them at retail prices, thus making a profit.  The company also offers Group Volume bonuses for recruitment and sales of products by distributors under the FBO, and Leadership Bonus for those who have a wide established network that generates steady sales.

Mission and Vision

Forever Living’s main driving force is the idea of putting family first by looking after their health and wellbeing. They pride themselves in being involved at every step of product development, right from growing the necessary plants to putting the product in customers’ hands. They are committed to employing sustainable practices by using recyclable packaging, reducing water usage in the fields, and much more.

Forever Living Products: Network Marketing Companies In India

4. Mi Lifestyle

Mi Lifestyle Marketing is a network marketing company that specializes in high quality lifestyle products, groceries, healthcare products and others. It was founded in 2013 in Chennai and has quickly risen among the ranks to become one of the top-earning direct selling companies in the industry. The company generated over Rs.1500 crores in revenue in the last year alone.

Distributor Network

Mi has a distributor network that is spread all over India and is planning to branch out to other countries in the near future.

Distributor Benefits

In addition to the weekly payouts based on volume of sales, Mi offers a large number of bonuses based on sales performance, network building, etc. that are paid out either weekly or monthly. They also provide international holidays for top performers, and several other awards and rewards.

Mission and Vision

Mi Lifestyle is committed to improving their customers’ and distributors’ lives by providing high quality products, a flexible shopping model, and business opportunities to attain financial freedom.

Mi Lifestyle Products: Network Marketing Companies In India

5. Modicare Limited

Modicare is a network marketing company based in India. They sell products ranging from health and wellness to beauty and personal care. The company was founded by the K.K.Modi group’s Sameer Modi and is one of the fastest-growing direct selling companies in the country. Established in 1996, Modicare started with 1 office and a small range of 7 products. Today, they earn yearly revenues upwards of Rs.500 crores.

Distributor Network

Modicare only has a distributor network in India as of now and has no immediate plans to expand to other countries.

Distributor Benefits

In addition to being able to buy products at a 20% discount, distributors (or consultants) have access to a plethora of training content including marketing tools, product pitches, etc. They also have an opportunity to earn performance bonuses for exemplary sales records on top of their weekly/monthly payouts.

Mission and Vision

Modicare strives to empower their consultants to step into leadership roles and make their own business decisions. They wish to provide all the tools a consultant might need to grow their network and increase sales. Their core values that direct the way they function are fair play, quality, creativity, and teamwork.

Modicare Products: Network Marketing Companies In India

6. Oriflame India

Oriflame is a Swedish company that primarily sells cosmetics and personal care products. It does not entirely follow the network marketing model; customers can buy directly from the company instead of distributors if they wish to. Even so, it is one of the top 10 direct selling companies in the world with a revenue of 1.49 billion USD in the past year.

Distributor Network

Oriflame has distributors operating in over 60 countries and customers who buy directly from all over the world. The company boasts a portfolio of over 1000 natural, Swedish-inspired products.

Distributor Benefits

One can choose to register as a VIP customer or a Brand Partner. VIP Customers can avail discounts of upto 20% on all orders and earn Business Points proportional to their purchase value. They can also choose to upgrade to a Brand Partner status which provides larger benefits for sales made, access to tools to help build one’s business, and opportunities to attend international conferences to interact with other brand partners from around the world.

Mission and Vision

Oriflame’s mission is to create beauty products that are safe and also help people feel comfortable in their own skin. Through the company, they also wish to help individuals on their path to financial freedom by providing flexible business opportunities and plenty of incentives.

Oriflame Products: Network Marketing Companies In India

7. AVON India

Avon is a well-known network marketing company that sells beauty and household products. In fact, it is the second largest in the industry, after Amway. However, the company witnessed sharp declines in sales for many consecutive years, after which it was merged with Natura, a Brazilian company.

Distributor Network

Avon’s network is spread across 100 countries, with Brazil being its largest customer base. Recently, it has begun closing its branches in some countries. The France branch was closed in 2014, and Australia and New Zealand were closed in 2018, resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs. Distributor positions are mostly directed towards women for work-from-home positions.

Distributor Benefits

As an Avon representative, one is entitled to performance-based incentives, support to help chart out their career goals and trajectories, and of course, exclusive discounts on purchases.

Mission and Vision

Avon’s mission is all about supporting women’s empowerment and helping them attain financial independence. They have also set up their own foundations and regularly donate to causes benefiting women through it. The principles that guide the company revolve around giving families the best quality products and maintain the friendly, good-natured spirit that Avon is known for.

AVON India Products: Network Marketing Companies In India

8. Vestige

Vestige Marketing, established in 2004, is a network marketing company that sells wellness products to its wide customer base. The company has been growing steadily since its inception with a revenue of nearly 2000 crores in the past year and has even made it to the Top 30 Direct Selling Companies list, the only homegrown company to have achieved this.

Distributor Network

The company has sales outlets all over India and several international offices as well. Its distributor network has been growing worldwide in the past few years.

Distributor Benefits

A registered distributor can earn income from commissions on sales, performance bonuses based on sales volume, leadership bonuses for acquiring a large network of distributors, and several other bonuses that are paid out on a regular basis.

Mission and Vision

Vestige Marketing aims to become the global standard of networking marketing. Through their operations, they wish to provide a platform for individuals to achieve financial independence.

Vestige Products: Network Marketing Companies In India

9. Tupperware Brands

Tupperware is a company that follows the network marketing business model. They have built their fortune selling household items and are especially well-known around the world for their line of plastic food containers. The company was born from the founder Earl Tupper’s motive to create safe, durable, flexible, lightweight containers for food storage and preservations.

Distributor Network

Tupperware grew from being rejected from small retail outlets in America to being sold in over 100 countries through direct selling networks. The company has a workforce of nearly 2 million people around the world.

Distributor Benefits

Registered consultants and distributors make a cut of the profits from their sales, are often given performance-based incentives, and with exemplary sales and leadership, one can even make it the positions of group manager and higher. These higher-level positions come with even more benefits such as international travel, awards and recognitions, etc.

Mission and Vision

Tupperware’s vision is to create a global community, especially for women, to uplift and nurture themselves and each other. They are committed towards providing the right tools for their representatives to succeed and generate profitable revenue for all stakeholders. Their values that build the foundation of how they work are cooperation, upliftment, celebration of successes, realization of dreams, and most importantly, kindness and ethical practices.

Tupperware Products: Network Marketing Companies In India

10. RCM

RCM is a homegrown direct selling company that sells just about everything required for daily life like groceries, nutritional supplements, stationery, clothes, footwear, jewelry, household items, etc. with a portfolio of over 700 products and more being added daily. The company is currently trying to improve its reach in the e-commerce industry and is gradually digitizing its entire supply chain process.

Distributor Network

RCM has over 7500 delivery centers across the country with several thousand more distributor partners. Their new mobile app allows distributors to keep track of their business more efficiently and also interact with other distributors in the country.

Distributor Benefits

Registered distributors will be given access to intensive training in product marketing, sales pitches, leaderships skills, etc. They will also receive a number of bonuses based on performance such as Royalty bonus, Performance bonus, and Technical bonus. They will also be able to avail a fair amount of discount on their purchases from RCM.

Mission and Vision

RCM’s business was built on the foundation of making and selling healthy products at affordable prices and continues to thrive on the same idea till date. The company wishes to educate their distributors and help them realize their true potential by way of exclusive workshops and tutorials.

RCM Products: Network Marketing Companies In India


The network marketing industry is growing at a rapid pace in India, where most people, especially stay-at-home women, wish to stand on their own feet in a financial sense, and hence, pursue direct selling as a means to their goal. While the business proposition may seem good on paper, it would be prudent to check the actual rate of returns that a company gives, before signing up to be a distributor.

In most cases, a majority of the profits end up in the pockets of those at the top of the chain, leaving very little behind for the rest of the network. One should assess the level of commitment required because the work can be quite intensive and time-consuming to generate any meaningful income. That said, for those who have nothing to lose and have plenty of free time, this business model could be a good way to make some money.

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