Motivational Confessions Of 7 People Who Were Brave Enough To Quit Smoking

People who smoke will know how addictive smoking is. Once you start smoking on regular basis, you will have a hard time quitting it. People try so hard to quit smoking because of its dangerous side effects but only a few are brave enough to actually do that. And once you quit smoking you will automatically see the positive changes in your life.

Here we have the confessions of seven people who were brave enough to actually leave the addiction of smoking behind. These confessions will help you motivate a lot if you are too trying to quit smoking.

confessions of people who quit smoking


1. Confession by a 24-year-old media professional. To quit smoking can bring mental as well as physical changes in your life.


“I feel the difference in my skin. My face now has less patches and it has now started to glow more that it ever did when i used to smoke”.

2. A 21-year-old Athlete feels more energetic and positive after quitting cigarettes.

“I feel like eating more healthy now. It makes me want to exercise and take care of my body as i feel less tired at the end of the day”.

3. A 23-year-old content writer says he feels more productive after quitting cigarettes.

“i’ve been off cigarettes from a week now and i can wake up on time without feelig lethargic. i feel like starting my day on the right time helps me be more productive”.

4. A graphic designer who is 25-year-old feels more positive than before.

“Ever since i quit smoking, i feel my stamina has increased a lot. My Muscles feel more relaxed and flexible. i feel healthy and more pure from the inside”.

5. A 26-year-old lawyer is now saving more money than before.

“Apart from health benefits, not smoking has meant that i am sticking to my monthly budget”.

6. A 28-year-old man whose profession was in marketing feels more healthy than before.

“I had a cough that would not go away and a month into leaving, it was gone. I decided to never get back to cigarettes again and the cough never returned”.

7. A 24-year-old media professional stated the health benefits of quitting cigarettes.

” For me, personally, it has to be that i am not constantly reminded of scratchy throat or hurting lungs. i feel healthy from the inside”.


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