India Accelerator (IA) Announces To Start A “Pulse” Cohort To Nurture Innovative Companies In The Health-Tech Space

India Accelerator (IA) is Asia’s leading start-up accelerator. Revolutionary methods of their funding for the start-ups in India has given wings and different vision of prospects.

India Accelerator helps and provides start-ups the opportunity to excel with the help of co-working spaces.

India Accelerator has recently announced that they are planning to launch “Pulse”.

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What is Pulse?

“Pulse” is a unit that will be focusing on innovative companies primarily focused on the Healthcare space. 5 to 7 emerging start-ups will be operated under “Pulse” and India Accelerator will offer them a 16 week-long accelerator program.

To unlock the potential of these Healthcare Industries, India Accelerator has come forward for this initiative.

India has turned out to be the leading destinations with effective services and enormous capital Investments.

India Accelerator has therefore decided to now provide these resources or the early age start-ups better guidance.

India Accelerator
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What Will Pulse Help With?

Leveraging the Health Technology sector in India will be brought into action with the help of the Pulse cohort launch, said Co-founder of India Accelerator, Mona Singh. After the pandemic, the demand for better Healthcare necessities and access to the right facilities would increase and the start-ups have to rethink, to provide facilities to others.

Assembling great minds in the Healthcare world and then mentoring them for boosting their business would accelerate the innovative ideas and transform the Indian Healthcare space.

India Accelerator has provided an environment for start-ups, venture capitalists, and large enterprises to build together and succeed each other.

The motive of a “Pulse” program is to bring together the best HealthCare minds and the strength of India Accelerator to boost the Healthcare facilities.

Various leading professionals in the Healthcare domain including the IAmentors, Partners, and Investor Network can help the new start-ups unlock their potential since India Accelerator will give access to a technological and business infrastructure to the network building start-ups.

A team for selection and execution will operate the program. They will be responsible for managing the verticals like screening and sourcing of the right start-ups, the acceleration and onboarding of the start-ups, the pre-set growth, marketing, and promotion of the verticals among the various others that have to be kept in mind.

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