Esha Gupta is Looking Amazingly Different in Her New Pictures

Have you Seen Baadshaho! Then you must know who Esha Gupta is.

The bold pictures of Esha Gupta are now turning people’s heads on Instagram. Esha Gupta an Indian Actress whose fame rose up with her very movie Jannat has now got a really good and big fan base in just a short amount of time. Even when she posted her Bikini photos it got everyone awestruck. And those pictures left everyone on Instagram sweating. And the diva just got a new and similarly, she again hit the headlines due to it. The thing is Esha Gupta is one of the actresses who love to do things that she likes, nevermind what people think.

According to her recent pictures on Instagram, she just cut her hairs. And her lips are also looking a lot different than what they were before. And even looks like she opted for lip job. However according to her new Instagram Video looks like it was just a makeup. And the new video is shown by her without wearing the makeup on.

Here are the few of the recent Instagram pictures that she posted:-

1. Here is one that she posted up recently of clicking a picture, you can even see the hairs she cut down. She even looks great with this look too. What do you think?

esha gupta selfie



2. Another one is her side click, looks like some fashion show dressing room. Or could be her own dressing room. She has done quite a makeup here and even you can see her hairs are a bit changed in color too.

esha gupta side click


3. Like we told she is a queen of her own fantasy. She does not mind what people think, probably in a restaurant, doesn’t look like she is changed with her looks.

esha gupta restaurant


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4. She even goes better with mirror.

esha gupta mirror selfie


5. Read what the sign says.

Esha gupta picture


6. Maybe looks like she was really in a fashion show. Here’s a close-up picture of her

esha gupta fashion show


7. Here is one of the full picture of her on the same show.


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