Why Deepika Padukone didn’t wish Anushka Sharma On Her Wedding

Many Bollywood celebrities took social media to wish Anushka Sharma on her wedding with Virat Kohli.

cold war between anushka and deepika



As we know the cold vibes between Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma going strong, the reason would be the common link between the two actresses is Ranveer Singh Who is in the relationship with Deepika.

Obviously, On Monday, Anushka tied the knot with her cricketer beau Virat Kohli in a fairytale wedding and all b-town celebrity sent their best wishes to lovely newlyweds but when Deepika did not wish Anushka it seems that the cold war between two actresses is going strong.



A report in Pinkvilla is to be believed that maybe not on social media, but Deepika has wished the happy couple personally and it was a warm message. She texted them both her best wishes individually post the wedding.


According to Pinkvilla, Deepika like to add her own personal touch to whatever she does be it her social media.

Two actress cold war rumors started when she was asked on Karan Johar’s chat show Is she considered Deepika a friend? And Anushka did not reply the question.

However, Deepika posted an appreciative tweet about the two and said that she found it a “fun episode.”


Deepika is now busy with her upcoming film Padmavati promotion. In an interview, Deepika asks about Anushka she said, “Sometimes you have a certain feeling for other people and they don’t necessarily feel the same way about you”. It looks like she was “extremely fond” of Anushka professionally as well as personally.

And Hear We Wish Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli A Happy Married Life.