Heartbreaking Reality Of Jobless, Homeless and Miles Away From Home Migrants Workers

Coronavirus is affecting a total of 207 countries and over 1 million people are infected with this contagious virus. The United States of America is leading the graph with over Two hundred and forty-seven thousand of total cases registered. Following the same trend, Spain and Italy are behind respectively.

During the previous week, India also touched its pinnacle till now with over two thousand cases. Due to rise in cases and to control conditions Prime Minister, stated that there will be proper lockdown all over India for the next 21 days. That was sudden and laborers, vendors, daily wagers and migrants were affected badly with this decision. There were no eatables as no source of income was left for them. Moreover, they weren’t even in homes. Some were stuck in states other than their homeland.

disinfectatnt on people

The picture above is depicting that disinfectant is sprayed over people who were moving to their homelands. This picture is collected from Uttar Pradesh. This picture is heartbreaking as migrants were having no other choice as this lockdown left them jobless and homeless. So, they wanted to move towards their home and forces sprayed disinfectant on them.

migrants moving towards home


Below poverty class and laborers were moving towards their homes. As there was no facility of transportation. So, there was no choice rather than this. His wife was weak and wasn’t able to move much. This guy lifted her up and without having any other way. There were reports, which displayed that these people walked around 200kms on foot while lifting her on the shoulder.

MIgrants moving

In the absence of transportation, people had to talk this way and move on foot. Because lockdown left them without any food and earning. These migrants were in various parts of the country and miles away from their homes. This nationwide lockdown gave a deep impact on their lives.

migrants resting

Migrants having rest during their journey to hometown during the nationwide lockdown. As they were having no masks, they made them out of their clothes. There was nothing outside, as guided by prime minister no shop was opened. So, they gathered veggies to carry along with them. This was the only thing they had and they have to move thousands of kilometers more with this only.

coronavirus affects

This photo is taken when laborers. daily wagers, vendors and migrants were routing back to their homes and were requested to sit in government schools for food and daily essentials. This was provided by NGOs and as well as by government committees. This COVID-19 impacted their life, as well as the International economy, is going to touch its bottom.

migrants along highway

Migrants moving along highways and rail tracks in search of their homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are moving with their families as well as children without having many essentials and eatables. Seeking help from governments, for ration and basic needs. With 1.3 Billions of population, this is not an easy task to serve each and everyone with basic needs.

coronavirus affects

The picture above elucidates, social distancing taking place in India as suggested by the government and people taking Essential foods from ration shops. We can only control the spread of this pandemic by social distancing and by remaining at our homes.

As this pandemic is spreading like wildfire. So, we have to take responsibility to control this spread and help the needy ones. People like migrants and who were dependent on their daily wages are undergoing a heavy toll. We have to help them and treat this as a responsibility/duty.

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