5 Most Richest Beggars In India Who Probably Earn More Than You!

Shocked by the TITLE? Well, that’s true actually! There are some beggars out there that earn more than we do.

We all want money to live, that is something with no doubt. There are hundreds of articles online on how to earn money nevertheless there are some other ways of earning money which gets left out. Begging, as an instance, isn’t always considered as a valid and reputed thing to do, however, these beggars will make you consider your career once.

5 Richest Beggars In India:

1. Bharat Jain


49 years old beggar who lives in Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus place in Mumbai. Many famous magazines have written about him and he’s one of the best recognizable beggars in India. This beggar makes as much as Rs. 75000 in just a month. He also owns flats valued at around 70 Lakhs in Mumbai. Apart from his profits from begging he has rented out a shop to a juice center and gets Rs.10,000 as a month-to-month lease.

2. Sarvatia Devi


She belongs to Patna metropolis and is one of the most famous female beggars in India. She started out begging after the demise of her husband and after begging for greater than 25 years she has stopped doing this and is well settled with an amazing sum of money earned.

3.Sambhaji Kale


He earns about 30,000 Rs. just from begging. He actually lives in Khar, Mumbai and begs there and lives with a family of four. This beggar also owns two houses at Solapur.

4. Laxmi Das


Laxmi Das collected almost 90 kgs of cash in her 44 years of begging. She used those cash to open a financial institution account and qualify for the credit card. She began begging at the age of 16. Some of the cash which Laxmi collected is out of circulating and are bought via auctions.

5. Malana Khan


Lokhandwala is one of the regions in West Mumbai and this guy is a popular beggar in Lokhandwala. He makes use of automobile-rickshaw to follow around the location in which he begs and changes his uniform to look like a beggar. He owns property around Rs. 30 lakhs and doesn’t feel comfortable about revealing his other financial savings.

Well, these people freak the hell out of me. Maybe there are a lot of places through which people can make money. What do you think?

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