Climate Activist Disha Ravi: Who Is She And How She Is Linked With The “Toolkit” Shared By Greta Thunberg

Who is Disha Ravi?

Disha Ravi is a 22 year old climate change activist. She is a BBA Graduate from Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru and is the co-founder of a group named “Fridays for Future India”. 

Disha is famous for writing columns and articles in the leading news portals regarding climate action and is quite a familiar name in several climate forums that are frequented globally by youth activists. 

In 2020, she had an interview with Auto Report Africa where she explained how she found her passion for climate activism. She said that her motivation, to join climate activism, came from her grandparents. Her grandparents were farmers and have struggled with the effects of the climate crisis. 

She wasn’t aware of the crisis when she was young since climate education was non-existent where she hails from. She searched on the topic and found about it.

Disha Ravi
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Why Is She Found Guilty?

When Greta Thunberg, Sweden based Climate Activist, uploaded a “toolkit” along with her tweet, on Twitter, and deleted it, suspicious activity was noticed by several Twitter users and questions were raised.

Few people downloaded the “toolkit” before it was deleted by Greta and on thorough reading of the guide, people questioned her why these documents were with Greta and what relation does it have with the on-going Indian farmer’s Protest.

Disha’s role came into light after Greta Thunberg removed her tweet. Greta was not named in the FIR but the Delhi police registered the case against the several authors of the toolkit.

According to police officials Ravi was involved in the list of authors who edited the “toolkit”, which is suspected to be related to the violent attacks which took place on 26th January during the tractor rally parade. The police alleged that Ravi edited the “toolkit” on 3rd February and several others were involved in invoking people against India through the “toolkit”.

She is the first one to be arrested, said the police, and they are suspecting two more individuals, Shantanu and Nikita Jacob, who are involved in the editing. According to the Delhi police the individuals have been issued with “Non-Bailable” warrants.

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Did Ravi Confess That She Was Involved?

On Sunday, during the hearing, Ravi broke down and alleged- “She edited only two lines” in the document which was tweeted by Thunberg.

Her IP address was figured in the list of editors and that’s when Disha came into police radar.

Her motive was to support the Farmer’s protest but the police denied the fact that she had edited just two lines. They have suspected her role of “more editing” in the document.

According to the police Ravi was the “Key Conspirator” and she was involved with  Pro-Khalistani Poetic Justice Foundation for spreading false information and disaffection against the Indian state.

Delhi Police mentioned that Ravi was involved in sharing the toolkit with Greta. Last week a communication was sent to Google seeking for registration details as well as the activities of the account with which the “toolkit” was created and uploaded. 

What Charges Is She Booked With?

Ravi is booked under IPC Section 124A (sedition), section 153 (intent to provoke rioting), section 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, place of birth, race and language) and 120B (criminal conspiracy).

Disha Ravi
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Police Team

Her electronic gadgets including laptops and mobile phones have been seized by the police. According to Bengaluru Police, no prior information was given about a five-member cyber police team who arrived from Delhi to Bengaluru to arrest Disha Ravi.

The police team included two women personnel who arrived at her residence in North Bengaluru on Saturday. At around 5 p.m., when  Disha was escorted to the airport, Delhi Police informed the Bengaluru counterparts that the first arrest has taken place.

Other raids are being conducted in Mumbai and other cities to arrest the remaining individuals. 

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