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The year 2020 turned out to be the worst because of so many disastrous incidents that took place during the year almost every month. The year started with the Australian fire where we lost so many animals, and species like koalas were on the verge of endangered species and it ended with farmers protest in India. Between these incidents, we lost so many talented and loved people that even the unknowns cried for them. Everyone remembers the black panther, Kobe Bryant and his daughter and the Young Ani, from Chichore.

2020 brought so many frowns on millions of faces when the world was fighting covid-19. Everyone was in their homes for 8 to 10 months, families were living separately, those who were infected by covid-19 lost their lives and the families couldn’t even see them for the last time, so many laborers have to rush towards their homes by walking because the public transport facility was no more available. 

We could see more graves than people walking on the road. Wearing masks was more important than carrying your mobile phones and maintaining distance from your family was a gesture of saving them. One thing everyone wished for on 1st January 2021 was “Hope 2021 does me good!”

When 2021 came people were not shouting about getting fit or staying at home with Netflix and chill. They wanted to go their friends, attend a friday party, hug their bestfriends and wear a “branded mask” too, pun intended.

2021 came with hope that the vaccine is ready for roll out and will show positive results in anyone who gets vaccinated. 

Let’s hear what all happened in month after we entered 2021!

1. Munawar Faruqui Got Arrested On 1st January In Indore

Everyone hoped that 2020 would be better and the first thing we hear on 1st January is Munawar Faruqui being arrested even before he performed. 29-year-old stand up comedian was about to perform a stand-up comedy in Monroe Cafe Indore when the police came on and arrested him and six other individuals. 

The FIR was filed by Eklavya Singh Gaur, convenor of Hind Rakshak Sangathan and son of BJP legislator Malini Gaur, where he claimed that the event that took place on 1st January was held without the following of covid-19 guidelines and not obtaining the necessary permission for holding the event.

The other reason for his arrest was him making indecent and filthy comments on Hindu gods and goddesses. Although the stand-up comedian is now granted an ad-interim bail.

Munawar Faruqui
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2. Serum Institute of India rolled out the vaccines and greatest immunization program took place in India. 

There was a time when people believed that the lock down would open after March 2020 but the period extended till November and everyone was waiting for vaccine to be made as soon as possible. Several vaccine companies started trials to test the effectiveness on individuals. After completing the third stage trial the vaccines were ready for a roll out in several countries. 

Pfizer was the first one to be rolled out. In India, Serum Institute of India developed a vaccine which was 90% effective! In 2020, when the pandemic hit various countries, people lost hope that a vaccine could be created in this duration but miracle happened with the help of science and here we are with the vaccine in 2021. 

An immunization drive took place in several states in India where frontline workers were given vaccines. After the immunization drive few people felt symptoms of dizziness and a mild fever but were recovered quickly and others were healthy after the vaccination process.

Covid-19 Vaccine Immunization India
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3. Storming Of United States Capitol By The Crowd Of Donald Trump Supporters

On 5th and 6th January 2021 a bad news stormed on our TV screens when everyone heard about the riots and the violent attacks taking place in Capitol Hill. The protest was carried out after a crowd of Donald Trump supporters gathered in Washington DC on 5th and 6th January to support the stolen election conspiracy theory.

The former US President Donald Trump claimed that the 2020 election was stolen from him and demanded that the victory of Joe Bidden must be rejected by the former Vice President Mike Pence and the Congress. After the crowd entered the Capitol building and breached police parameters, vandalism and violence was witnessed. 

Over thousand protestors took stand in the violent attacks, assaulted the Capitol police officers and chanted “Hank Mike Pence”. The protestors blamed the former Vice President, Mike Pence, for not rejecting the electoral college votes. Violent attacks and vandalism was witnessed in Nancy Pelosi’s offices as well as other Congress members.

4. Farmer’s Protest Against The Farm Bill Passed By The Parliament

The farmers protest started in November 2020 but a face of violence was witnessed on 26 January 2021. The tractor really took place on the streets of Delhi where the farmers entered Delhi through the roads which they were asked not to pass and broke several promises with the police. The farmers were seen protesting against the Farm Bill, passed by the parliament in 2020, which raised suspense and confusion among the farmers that they will not be receiving any profits from the passed bill.

The farmers informed the government on the tracker rally on the Republic day but who knew that several laws would be breached, a farmer Navreet Singh would die and farmers would be violent to extreme extent . Some were seen clashing with the police individuals near the ITO and the Red Fort while other were seen fighting with the police individuals where the Indian Flag was hoisted.

Another upseting site which was witnessed during the tractor rally was that the farmers were ready to remove the Indian flag and hoist their Kesari flag. One question that must have raised in every Indian’s mind is “Be it a Farmer or a Businessman, aren’t we all Indians first?”

Farmers' Protest
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5. Tesla Finally Comes To India, Registers First Unit At Bengaluru

Imagine driving a Tesla in a narrow street where you want to eat the street food. Imagine the level of fun one would experience while eating a chaat and the car is automatically driving according, regardless of the rikshaw waala infront, to the sensors because its Tesla!

Just kidding. So one of the best news we have had in 2021 was the presence of Tesla cars in India, although some people like me can’t afford it but we are so excited because it’s a project by The Elon Musk!

Elon Musk has been tweeting about the presence of Tesla cars in India since 2018 and teasing fellow Indians that they will soon be available. 2020 ended in a lock down while 2021 started with a bash when we heard that Tesla will be opening their headquarters in Bengaluru too.

We heard several rumours that Tesla will be entering the Indian market and the American electric vehicle giant finally registered the name at Bengaluru, Tesla lovers flooded Twitter with the excitement and people could hardly keep their cool!

Tesla will be headed by three directors in India, based on a data from Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The three directors included are Vaibhav Taneja, Venkatrangam Sreeram and David John Feinstein. 

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Tesla Comes To india
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6. Massive Flood in Chamoli District Of Uttarakhand After Nanda Devi Glacier Burst 

Another sad news which stormed on television screens were the floods in Chamoli, Uttarakhand, which took place due to a glacier break which led to an avalanche.The tragedy was reported in Chamoli Uttarakhand after a glacier in Joshimath, Uttarakhand, caused a flood in Dhauli Ganga.

Damage due to breach of the Tapovan area glacier in Chamoli district was informed, on the Rishi Ganga Power Project, to the Chamoli police. In the Alaknanda river, it was expected, water level might increase because the breaking of the glacier triggered an avalanche. The local police requested the people to move to a safer place since the situation was very vulnerable at the moment.

Chief Secretary of Uttarakhand, Om Prakash said that it is feared that 100-150 casualties have occurred in the flash flood.

After the incident many labourers were stuck in the underground tunnel, at Tapovan, were the construction project was ongoing. Later, after the rescue team reached there, few were saved after a worker found a working phone in the working and contacted the officials for an immediate help.

Till now 175 are said to be missing and the death toll has reached a count of 32.

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Uttarakhand Flood

7. Jeff Bezos Steps Down As Amazon’s CEO

About 27 years ago Jeff Bezos left his job as a senior Vice President and started his own online book store in his garage. During that time internet for a retail was in an infant stage and Jeff Bezos thought of selling books, as the ideal product, to sell online. 

He named his new business as Cadabra and changed it to Amazon later. To get things off ground, he borrowed US $300,000 and carried on to work harder on his business.

After a success of growing number of online buyers for books, Bezos decided to add other products and services to the Amazon inventory and now Amazon is the online giant in terms of e-commerce platform.

During the lockdown the most valuable company in the world, Amazon, experienced criticism for supplier advocates, governments and workers unions. The most common area of concern was over the Industrial relations like the fair wages or the unsafe work practices and the unrealistic demands. 

After the lockdown in March 2020 several works claimed that they were fired after they iterated their concerns regarding the safe working conditions. Several criticisms surfaced over years regarding the Antitrust Laws. 

Although the company was still the most valued company before, during and after the lockdown and the expansion didn’t stop. The platform has vertically integrated in terms of selling their own product along the company to grab the position of market dominant platform.

The founder of Amazon announced that he will now stand down as chief executive of Amazon in the third quarter of 2021. The position will now be handled by Andy Jassy who currently leads the cloud computing wing of Amazon.

Jeff Bezos
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8. Senior Citizens Abandoned By Some IMC Employees In Indore

An act of shamelessness and heartlessness was witness in Indore when an attempt to dump elderly homeless group and disable people was brought into action by some IMC employees outside the Swachh Indore city limits. 

The inhuman act led to the suspension of the IMC deputy commissioner with a dismissal of two other employees. A video went viral on the Internet where the disturbing visuals depicted how the frail and old men and women were shivering in cold as well as struggled to get back up in the IMC truck which brought them their.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Chief Minister was outraged and expressed his feelings on the incident through a tweet where he said that he has received an information about the inhuman behaviour which was meted at Indore city limits.

The locals criticised the IMC workers who left the elderly people in open and an IMC employee replied with “we are just employees and we were given directions to perform such act”. Chief Minister warned the individuals who were involved in such inhuman act and mentioned that the inhuman behaviour towards the elderly can not be tolerated.

IMC commissioner Pratibha Pal said that the deputy commissioner Pratap Solanki has been suspended and services of rain basera worker and supervisor, Vishwas Vajpayee and Brajesh Lashkari respectively, have been terminated after the careless act.

9. A Live Heart Transportation Through A Metro

Just imagine how dangerous would the presence of a live heart sound In a metro, in a box obviously!

A heart, obtained from a body of a brain dead man, was transported in a metro train in Hyderabad. Since the road travel would have taken more time and covering 21 kilometres would be a tough job, the doctors decided to carry the heart through metro.

The heart-warming act was observed in Hyderabad when a green corridor was created by the Hyderabad Metro Rail between Nagole and Jubilee Hills Check Post stations to carry the live heart and cover a stretch of 21 kilometres, crossing 16 stations, in minimum time possible. 

Such an incident was the first one to be observed where a live heart was transported to save a life. At around 4:40 p.m. heart was picked up from a brain dead patient in Kamineni hospital and after 30 minutes the live heart was carried to the Apollo hospital, after the ambulance were kept ready at the Jubilee Hills station to carry the heart to hospital. 

The heart was to be transplanted in a 44 year old man.

How many times would have heard that someone’s life was saved after the incidents which took place in 2020? Well this life saving attempt was a green signal that 2021 might be better!

A Live Heart Transportation Through A Metro
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10. OTT Platform War

The lockdown period turned out to be good for just one reason, binge watching your favorite series without any hesitation or hearing any sort of shouting from our parents!

The platform turned out to be the saviour for many but the OTT platforms war in India became intense in 2021 because we have so many platforms introduced to the Indian audience and it becomes nearly difficult for one to choose- “Which platform’s subscription will be good for me?”

The popularity of Netflix in India paved way for several other platforms like Amazon prime, Hotstar, voot select, etc too since most of the Indians loved watching series but in a “Budget” and Netflix was initially not affordable for all!

Platforms like Amazon Prime brought a medium affordability to the Indian audience and Netflix was reintroduced in India as the ultimate OTD platform because of new affordable rates. The platforms were in high demands and an “e-fight” probably because of all the series they offered to the audience.

In 2021, now we are all addicted to watching series till 2:00 AM, the OTT platforms are in more severe war with each other because of introduction of more platforms!

Apple TV+, HBO Max, Discovery+, BookMyShow stream, BigBang Amusement are some of the new platforms for the Indian audience to raise the war among the OTT platforms presence in India

OTT Platforms
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