What Did PM Modi Said On “MSP” In Rajya Sabha?

PM Modi On MSP In Rajya Sabha

26th November 2020, the farmers’ protest started first farmers protest then 26th January 2021 the peaceful farmers protest turned violent after the tractor rally which led to the farmers clashing with the police individuals. 

A day after the tractor really, most of the farmers went away while a few were still ready to be a part of the farmers’ protest. 

The farmers’ protest took place after the three farm bills passed by the parliament gave rise to questions and confusion among the farmers that the farm bill will cause more loss to them.

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What did PM Modi say?

PM Modi On MSP In Rajya Sabha
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Bhartiya Kisan Union leader, Rakesh Tikait, reacted aggressively to PM Narendra Modi’s statement in the Rajya Sabha on Monday. 

PM Modi said “MSP tha, MSP hai, MSP rahega”. He mentioned in his statement that an emphasis on the mandi system will be imposed to modernize it and help the farmers in India. 

The ration will be affordable to more than 80 crore people at cheap rates and the Union Agriculture Minister, Narendra Singh Tomar, has discussed the issue elaborately.

PM Narendra Modi made an urgent request with the farmers to put an end to the protest and to join the center to discuss the three farmer laws passed by the parliament.

Narendra Modi reiterated former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh’s, quote because he too was in favor of bringing the farm laws to bring a platform to help farmers sell their produce on one large common market.

Former Prime Minister said that there were other harshness for the farmers because of the 1930s set up market regime that prevented the farmers to sell their produce where they would get a high rate of return.

PM Narendra Modi added that it is their government’s intention to remove the barriers which have come along a long way of India and make them realize that India has a vast potential at one large common market.

He said that people should be proud that his government is following what Manmohan Ji intended during his tenure.

PM Modi also mentioned the changes in the agriculture sector by NDA, National Democratic Alliance, since 2014. 

He explained that the Crop Insurance Schemes were changed for a more farmer-friendly system. PM-KISAN scheme was brought into action. 

PM Modi also mentioned the various other schemes like Pradhan Mantri gram Sadak Yojana according to which if the road connectivity improves, the produce of the farmers will be able to reach distant places. 

He mentioned through his statements that the need of the hour is any improvement in the farmer’s life and efforts like Kisan Rail will surely help them.

How did Rakesh Tikait React?

Rakesh Tikait is the Bhartiya Kisan Union leader who has been a part of the peaceful farmers’ protest since day one.

After listening to what PM Modi said in Rajya Sabha, Rakesh Tikait, questioned him back by asking him- “when did we say that the MSP was ending?”

He carried on with his statement where he said that a law should be enforced on MSP because if such law would be formed, the farmers of the country will be benefited and currently there is no law on MSP. 

He also mentioned how the farmers are looted by the traders because of absence of a law on MSP. The BKU spokesperson has announced that the farmers protest will carry on till 2nd October to give the government a chance to repeal the farm bill.

After 2nd October, the farmers will no longer wait and hold the discussions with the government, especially under any peer pressure.

He also mentioned that the centre was complicating the matter since the farmers never said “MSP system was ending”.

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