Views Of Kangana Ranaut On International Celebrities Who Supports Farmers Protest

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Several foreign celebrities who took part in supporting the Indian farmers included Rihanna. Rihanna tweeted on her Twitter handle, a question, which said- why were people not discussing the farmers protest that’s going on in India.

Most of the Indian celebrities and politicians seemed displeased after Rihanna’s tweet and on top of that, Kangana Ranaut seemed to be making maximum remarks on the Barbarian singer’s tweet.

Kangana Ranaut was seen making comments on activist Greta Thunberg and Rihanna in an interview and was very vocal when it came to the involvement of the two in their respective fields. 

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Kangana Ranaut in an interview with Arnab Goswami on Republic TV said that the farmer’s protest was a conspiracy to divide India into pieces.

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She also mentioned that Rihanna, who never spoke anything about the pandemic, never said anything about the US Capitol Hill riots, but then suddenly decided to wake up one day and tweet about the farmer’s protest going in India. 

She even questioned that she must have charged at least ₹100 crores for tweeting-“Why aren’t we talking about this?”.

In her tweet fight with Rihanna, she replied by commenting on her career. She commented on Rihanna’s qualifications to be able to speak on the subject regarding the Indian farmers. Using Sunidhi Chauhan and Neha Kakkar as an example, she commented on Rihanna’s career.

She went on to say how Rihanna is very casual when it comes to filming her music videos while barely covering her body and exposing it to the camera lens. 

Although it seems like Kangana’s allegations are very wrong about Rihanna because the Barbarian singer raised $5 Million for covid-19 relief during the March 2020 period through the Clara Lionel Foundation, CLF. She donated her own money, $2 Million, a month later.

Now Kangana Ranaut has started calling out Rihanna as a “porn singer” and stated that if she had some talent she wouldn’t have to expose her body in front of the lens.

Kangana questioned Rihanna’s credentials for tweeting in support of the Indian farmers. She even humiliated Rihanna by stating examples that if she sits between 10 reputed classical singers, she wouldn’t be able to stand up to them and people will question-Does she know how to sing?

Giving an example of Kim Kardashian to specify that in American culture people like Kim Kardashian are their icons.

No one knows what Kim Kardashian does but she’s extremely rich and has created confusion among the youth maybe because youth has no idea about whom they should consider as their icon!

Kangana Ranaut, in an interview with Arnab Goswami, said that she has lost her brand endorsements which were worth ₹12-15 crore. 

She went on explaining that she has received ultimatums from the brands she endorsed to not call the farmers a “terrorist”. She mentioned in her statement that she get writs and cases against her every day but now she has proof the “protest toolkit” updated by Greta Thunberg on her Twitter account on the so-called farmer protest.

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