This Is How Greta Thunberg Tried To Pull Apart Indian Democracy

Greta Thunberg Tried To Pull Apart Indian Democracy

26th November 2020. The farmer’s protest started from this day which led to a violent truck rally on the Republic Day of India. 

On 26th January the peaceful turned violent protest lead to various severe accidents where the farmers were seen clashing with the police officials on the roads of Delhi. 

The protest was against the three farm laws passed by the government, which the government found were in favour of the farmers with farmers strictly denied it. 

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Recently a Sweden based environmental activist, Greta Tintin Elenora Ernman, deleted her tweet, according to which a Google document was shared on how to support and protest against the farm laws on a global basis.

The deletion of the tweet lead to various mysteries causing confusion among people. 

Kapil Mishra, a BJP leader, shared the contents of the Google document shared by Greta on Twitter account on the Global farmers strike Toolkit.

He is very certain that the Google documents were prepared for the riots,  which took place on 26th  January, in advance, causing trouble in the country.

AAP MLA, Atishi Marlena, mentioned that things need to be clarified by Greta regarding the deleted tweet. 

All the misunderstandings and confusion, deleted tweet created a sense of alert among the people.

The mentioned details in the document to amplify a farmer’s voice dated back till 23rd January 2020 with several hashtags including #FarmersProtest, #TheWorldIsWatching and many more! 

The document’s contents:

1. Global Farmer Strike- First wave.

Under the document with the title “first wave”, it instructed the people to show their support at local physical locations wherever they were. 

They were asked to find protests around them in the city, state or country and instructed them for participating in those protest at large numbers. 

The document uplifted people for organising a solidarity protest around or near the Indian embassies the local government offices or even the multinational offices of Adani and Ambani companies.

The document requested people to encourage the gathering and organising such protest on 26th because it wasn’t going to end anytime soon.


Under this hashtag a paragraph regarding the Human Rights violations, violence and cruel indifference caused to the most vulnerable citizens were mentioned. 

The paragraph also mentioned how when the government will be celebrating the adoption of their constitution on 26th January with the military parade, they will still continue to immortalize the policies which are harmful and responsible for violation of their own constitution. 

The paragraph went on explaining people the need for a attention for India’s farmers and their citizens and the world should know how India is moving backwards towards Fascism. 

The only way to stand with the farmers is to turn the focus on international level for this protest and prevent more violence and massacre in India.

3. How Can You Help?

Under this section the people were asked to sign a petition and to deprive of the Adani and the Ambani businesses. 

The people were asked to tag various people for creating an unwanted awareness. 

4. Protests On Ground

After majority of the people would co-ordinate on 26th January, a support at local physical locations was required and instructed by the documents. 

The document also listed more ways to participate from 21st to 26 February 2021 with a #StandWithFarmers Solidarity Video.

According to this document, instructions were given to the people and they were asked to record a video in a landscape mode preferably for sharing the message on supporting the protest against the farmer laws. 

Another instruction was to hold a paper, poster or chart which mentioned a solidarity message anywhere in the city, town or village and take the pictures. 

The protesting farmers will be shown the compilation of the videos and photos on the Singhu and the Tikri border and will be first projected on the screen there and soon will be projected on social media platforms on or around 26thJanuary.

5. Digital Strikes

And describe sections in the uploaded document a digital Strike ok I was supposed to take place on or before 26th January and a tweet storm on 23rd January 11:30 p.m UTC.

6. Twitter Post 

After tweeting “Here’s a toolkit if you want to help” attached with the document containing the details for supporting the protest, various urgent actions including an action of creating a twitter Storm was guided.

Protests outside Indian embassies and government offices were also instructed in a detailed manner.

The TweetStorm is supposed to be on 4th and 5th February 2021 between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. UTC, according to the urgent actions in the document uploaded by Greta Thunberg.

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