Serum Institute Of India To Launch Another Covid-19 Vaccine Covavax By June 2021

After preparing the Covishield vaccine, which is currently being used in India, the Serum Institute of India is working on a total of 5 vaccines, including Covishield, which will work against the coronavirus.

Serum Institute of India has partnered withNovavaxInc for manufacturing a potential vaccine against covid-19 for India and various other countries.

Opposition raising questions

Many questions were raised when Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin was launched without a complete trial but SII replied that this isn’t happening for the time.

Four years ago when the Ebola outbreak took place in Africa, a pharmaceutical firm from Canada produced the vaccine and was given approval by WHO, World Health Organisation, before the second trial was completed but the vaccine successfully helped in the controlling Ebola outbreak.

This was the answer of the Serum Institute of India regarding the question raised by the opposition.

Rajesh Bhushan, Union Health Secretary, has informed that the number of covid-19 vaccination sections has increased per day but there are still proximately 1,75,000 active coronavirus cases in the country.

After 8 months the daily trend of death, due to coronavirus, has declined to less than 125 deaths per day.

The Novavax partnership

Serum Institute of India has partnered with Novavax regarding the vaccine and has shown excellent results in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

They are hoping to launch Covovax by July 2021 and the trials have started in India.

Novavax has stockpiled at 6 locations for manufacturing and is planning to expand its operational manufacturing locations to a total of eight plants within seven countries including the Serum Institute of India.

The expanding of the plants in the countries will increase the rate of dozes to 2 billion dollars per year.

Covavax By Serum Institute Of India
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Novavax’s vaccine

The conventional protein-based vaccine has used a similar approach which was used to make the Flublok flu vaccine used by Sanofi.

This covid-19 vaccine has used the Matrix-M substance, the company’s proprietary, for building a strong immune system and boost the efficacy.

According to an announcement by, bySerum Institute of India, the theNovavax vaccine is found to be 89.3% effective against covid-19 while the trials were conducted in the United Kingdom.

Novavax is highly effective when it comes to providing an efficiency against the UK variant of coronavirus.

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