Udayy, A Gurgaon-Based Kids Learning Platform Raises $2.5 Million

Udayy Founders

Udayy is an immersive learning app for 1-5 years old children. It is founded by Karan Varshney, Saumya Yadav, and Mahak Garg. Udayy is a math learning app that is gamified and adaptive for children. This app is open on the Android platform. 

Udayy encourages kids through play to learn and improve their math skills. The game shows various problems based on the children’s capacity to solve them.

Besides, the game requires the child to set up a virtual aquarium throughout the game using the rewards which are earned by them. This increases their ability to make choices and motivates them to respond thoughtfully to questions. 

Udayy holds the child entertained for long periods through its high-quality graphics, sound effects, and incentive schemes.

It helps children to play and learn at the same time. In addition to paid classes with 3-5 children per live classroom focused on mathematical reasoning and speech growth, the startup recently released a free app for children’s everyday worksheets. For the paying classes, Udayy appears to have a 97 percent retention rate.

Their mission is to change K12 learning for every child in India by making it enjoyable and customized. Udayy is incubated in Silicon Valley and is backed by several top foreign investors.

Keeping operations of 400+ classrooms on a regular basis, Udayy has users from 45+ cities and towns. The live learning network currently provides kids in the 6-11 age range with math and English classes. 

Anirudh Singh, MD of Alpha Wave Incubation, said that “India’s after-school education demand for the younger age group segment is still largely untapped. Through its experiential learning model, which uses technology-driven gamification as a core driver of learning performance, Udayy is on track to disrupt space. The team has shown a strong knowledge of the market and the capacity to iterate rapidly, and we are delighted to be the company’s first institutional partners.”

Udayy claims to distinguish itself from its competitors through a flipped approach to the classroom, where students push their learning pedagogy, tailored according to the individual skill of each student. In the younger age group market, the organization says that it is creating a niche in math and English, while most of the competition is focused on school-based curriculum for older children.

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Udayy Founders
Mahak Garg, Karan Varshney & Saumya Yadav (Founders Of Udayy) | Image Source: Entrepreneur

Udayy Raises $2.5 Million

Udayy, an edtech platform has raised $2.5 million. Its initial investment round was led by Alpha Wave Incubation (AWI), operated by Falcon Edge Investments, and InfoEdge Ventures. There was also interest from VC Better Money, Cred founder Kunal Shah and other angel investors in the funding round.

For the past two months, Udayy has been in conversations with Alpha Wave Incubation or AWI from Falcon Side. The contours of the deal have been finalized and the organization will reveal the round in the coming weeks if nothing goes wrong.

Falcon Edge has been on an acquisition binge for EdTech startups since the beginning of 2020. Classplus was invested by the New York-based alternative asset manager and it was in negotiations with Cuemath and Camp K12 to lead a $40 million and $15 million round, respectively.

Falcon Edge Capital raised $300 million for its India-focused Alpha Wave Incubation venture capital fund earlier this year (AWI). By May 2021, 30 deals are planned to be made by the fund. Few noteworthy Falcon Edge bets include Ola, Daily Search, Quikr, Aye, KhataBook, and DealShare.

For Edtech firms, this year has turned out to be good. In 2020, though Byju’s had scooped up more than $1 billion, the value of Unacademy soared over $2 billion. Major sums were also obtained from venture capital by Toppr, Vedantu, ClassPlus, and many other firms. 

Udayy will use the new funds to fuel the next growth period, which will include the development of curricula, extension of the software suite, and recruiting through product, curriculum, and technical departments.

According to the edtech startup, involving them in an immersive, small classroom of three-five students, encourages the growth of mathematical thought and confidence in kids.

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