qZense, An IOT Based Agritech Startup Raises INR 4.5 Crore

AgriTech startup qZense is a platform that provides an IOT based solution for quality control and management of fresh produce. This Bengaluru-based start-up was found in 2019 by women entrepreneurs, Rubal Chib and Dr. Shristi Batra.

qZense grips on machine learning, NIR Spectroscopy, and artificial olfaction, for the smell, which evaluates the quality and manages the fresh produce. These practices are limited to lab applications.

These processes are helpful in providing a precise evaluation of the freshness of the food which is supplied throughout various food retailers and businesses.

Through their software platform services of Q scan and Q log, for grading the internal quality of the food and olfactory loggers which keeps a record for the measuring of the produce’s quality during the storage and in the logistics respectively, these platforms are helpful in keeping a track of good quality produce.

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qZense Raises Rs. 4.5 Crore In The Seed Round

The company which focuses on quality control as well as the management of fresh produce has raised INR 4.5 crore. The seed investment was led by the MD of Mastermind Capital, Manish Modi, and Chairman of Curae Health, Vedant Loyalka.

Participation from investors like Chennai Angels, Entrepreneur First, a London-based VC, and Lumis Partners was seen.

Investment from an idea-stage accelerator VC, 9unicorns, showed active participation.

The co-founder and President at VC and 9Unicorns, Dr. Apoorva Ranjan Sharma,  said that qZense’s aim to resolve such a pertinent issue by leveraging digital technology has witnessed a new development.

With the initiative to manage the quality of the fresh produce and minimize the wastage, Venture Catalysts and 9Unicorns are confident that the start-up by the women entrepreneurs will surely help the Indian food business and retailers transform towards good.

qZense Founders
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What’s The Idea of qZense?

Around 40% of the fresh and post-harvest produce is lost because of factors like low shelf-life, internal spoilage, and over-ripening during the process of transportation.

Therefore, management of fresh produce is an area of concern when it comes to the retail market and qZense has taken the picture of the concern to be taken care of.

The start-up, very precisely, provides a non-destructive and accurate evaluation of the fresh food which is to be supplied to the food businesses and retailers.

The machine learning algorithms provide a more accurate evaluation of the internal quality including brix, storage, shelf life and ripeness.

The startup is also observing the cases in sugarcane harvesting and vanilla. They are observing the non-destructive evaluation of the sugar content and it is expected that it might benefit the farmers.

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