Astrazeneca’s Vaccine Is Expected To Be Effective Against New Mutating COVID-19 Strains

Astrazeneca Vaccine

Moderna, Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca, and various other vaccines have been developed to prevent the spread of coronavirus by building a strong immune system against the covid-19 virus.

The mutating strain of covid-19 is believed to spread more faster than the previous version of covid-19 so will these vaccines, developed for the previous variant, work against the second more deadly strain of CoronaVirus?

According to the CEO of AstraZeneca, their company thinks that their vaccine has the ability to remain effective against the virus but they are not sure so clinical trials and tests will be performed for accurate results.

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Where Did The Virus Come From?

According to health officials, the first variant among the 23 documented changes in the particular strain, which was discovered in the UK, 17 of them are considered to be important because they might result in various mutations or changes in the behavior of the virus.

The concerning issue about the new virus is its transmissibility which appears to have been mutated after the discovery of the new variant in the UK.

The UK government has signed deals for 100 Million of AstraZeneca dozes, who are in partnership with Oxford University for vaccine development.

About 617,000 people in the UK received Pfizer’s dozes on Christmas Eve and the reviewing of AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines is processing.

AstraZeneca Vaccine

Astrazeneca Vaccine
Image Source: Reuters

On 23rd December 2020 data related to Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine was submitted to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency for the approval of mass rollout.

Recently Pascal Soriot mentioned that their company has figured out a winning formula but according to their initial trials and the related data, only 62% of people were vaccinated with full two doses.

Previously the AstraZeneca showed an average efficiency of 70% but the level was found to jump to 90%, depending on the dosage.

The results were criticized after people got to know that the injection of half-dose was due to an error.

Now, Soriot has publically announced and assured that their vaccine has provided 100% positive results against coronavirus.

The vaccine developed by Oxford University/AstraZeneca is eagerly awaited in the UK because it can be stored in conventional freezers and is inexpensive compared to the Pfizer/BioNTechvaccine.

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