IDEMIA and Zwipe All Set To Operate Contact Less Payment Through Biometric Cards

Idemia and zwipe biometric cards

What Are IDEMIA and Zwipe?

IDEMIA is a multinational global leader in terms of augmented identity. They provide a trusted as well as a secure environment for the customers which enables them to perform their regular activities related to payment, connection, accessing private or personal spaces.

They provide an end to end solution which keeps the security landscape clear for the users by securing their data in the physical and the digital world.

Since the increased digitalization, more business models are being brought into the market and various opportunities are reinvented where a customer’s journey, personalized data, security, and privacy play a significant role.

Zwipe is an innovative team of developers who settle for a next-generation contactless payment facility. They provide biometric cards and wearables to their customers that enable the users to make a contactless transaction while keeping hygiene in mind.

Zwipe is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and is a leading name that is shifting people from contact to contactless payment methods.

IDEMIA and Zwipe have recently partnered for providing their contactless payment facility in India. This concept was brought to maintain hygiene, quicker transaction, user-friendly method, and more security to the cardholders.

Recently IDEMIA partnered with Rocker also for providing a contactless payment facility. Since the pandemic, increased demand for contactless payment solutions was seen so IDEMIA and Rocker decided to bring a first-ever biometric card proof concept in Northern Europe.

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Idemia and zwipe biometric cards
Image Source: Zwipe

IDEMIA And Zwipe To Promote Contactless Payment

Recently Zwipe and IDEMIA have decided to promote contactless payment as the new method of transaction and maintaining hygiene.

EMVCo has granted IDEMIA ICCN[2] Security certificate for their expert solutions in the area of security.

Since IDEMIA is considered an expert in the biometric and payments field, their contribution in India is a helping hand in the digitalization and betterment of the economy.

IDEMIA has the most powerful and demanding performance when it comes to security concerns and providing a safe gateway for transactions.

They are ready to roll out their services in the second half of 2021. This service will enable Fintechs and Banks to build trust with their customers.

The developed and new generation cards F.CODE Gen2 for IDEMIA and Zwipe Pay ONE technology platform will deliver not just safety but security to their customers.

The grip of IDEMIA on the technology for the combination of payments and biometric technologies and their partnership with Zwipe will accelerate the market growth and help people adopt better payment methods.

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