Top 20 Best Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

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How about giving titles of few movies to a team member and asking them to act it out? Dumb Charades is a unique game where people are divided into teams and each team gives the other team’s members a movie title. The members of the team will have to guess the name through gestures till time runs out. Bollywood has often brought us movies that are either too long to say or too tough to pronounce. So, how about we discuss a few titles you can give to your opponent team and might win! Here are a few movie titles:

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Best Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

1. Lashtam Pashtam

The 2018 movie which is difficult to guess in dumb charades and usually very different and antique gestures may be required for you to identify it. The movie was directed by Manav Bhalla.

Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

2. Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyun Aata Hai

Released in 1980, this movie is a sequel to Arvind Desai Ki Ajeeb Dastan starring Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi, Dilip Dhawan, Smita Patil. A good title to engage people with while you enjoy your time with the weird looks on other’s faces.

Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyun Aata Hai: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

3. Gulam-e-Mustafa

Acting out to this movie title would be a heart-breaking moment cause you’ll probably not be able to guess or use a gesture for it. This is a 1997 movie starring Nana Patekar Paresh Rawal, Raveen tendon, Aruna Irani.

Ghulam-e-mustafa: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

4. Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho

A buffalo is named Miss Tanakpur in this movie and the title seems to be funny enough to make it difficult for you to act. You might just burst out laughing while acting for this one. Starring Annu Kapoor, Hrishiaa Bhatt, Rahul Bagga, Om Puri, this is a comedy film of 2015 which is definitely a tough title to act to.

Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

5. Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein

This is a crime thriller film released in 2015 which might not be difficult to guess by the title if it is a disturbing movie or a crime thriller, keeping people engaged.

Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

6. Jajantaram Mamantaram

This 2003 movie directed by Soumitra Ranade was an adaptation of Gulliver’s Travel and is kind of good to watch but even better to increase competition with the rival teams in Dumb Charades. Starring Javed Jaffrey, Gulshan Grover, Joy Fernandez, this is quite a spectacular movie content-wise.

Jajantaram Mamantaram: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

7. Fun2ssh: Dudes In The 10th Century

Directed by Imtiaz Punjabi, this 2003 movie is fun to watch a comedy movie with hilarious dialogues. This movie can be one point in your dumb charades game that will give you winning happiness. Starring Paresh Rawal, Gulshan Grover, Anuj Sawhney, Natanya Singh, this is a good movie for a one-time watch.

Fun2shh:Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

8. Zulm-o-Sitam

Released in 1998, this movie was directed by K. C. Bokadia, starring Shatrughan Sinha, Dharmendra, and Milind Gunaji. This might be the toughest title one may receive while acting and ending the game under frustration.

Zulm-o-sitam: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

9. Via Darjeeling

This movie was released in 2008 with not so much impact on the audience in cinema but definitely on the dumb charades rival team! Starring Kay Kay Menon, Sonali Kulkarni, Vinay Pathak, Rajat Kapoor and directed by Arindam Nandy, this is quite a good title for your game movie list.

Via Darjeeling: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

10. Alam Ara Ki Beti

This movie was released in around 1960 when movies names were somewhat epic regarding the title they were given. This movie was no different starring Daljeet, Prakash, Maruti Rao and directed by Nanubhsi Vakil, this movie was also one of the most anticipated movies in India.

Alamara Ki Beti: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

11. Jahan Sati Wahin Bhagwan

The 1965 adventurous drama that depicted the story of a demon that is fated to be killed by the hands of a child. The movie received a huge amount of success but isn’t it another great title for your team also? This movie starred Anita Guha, Prithviraj Kapoor, Sulochana Chatterjee and was directed by Satish Kumar.

Jahan Sati, Wahin Bhagwan: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

12. Kalakaandi

The 2017 movie received a huge amount of applause for the great performance by its cast and its storyline is sort of amazing. This title is also very good, and the audience of the rival team will surely go insane while guessing this name. The movie starred Sai Ali Khan, Sobhita Dhulipa, Isha Talwar and was directed by Akshat Verma.

Kaalakaandi: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

13. Love Per Square Foot

The 2018 drama and romance movie will definitely bring drama among the team members of your opposition in the game because the title is pretty tough to guess at first. Gestures might turn out to be in place but who knows if the time will be up soon! This movie starred Vicky Kaushal, Angira Dhar, Ratna Pathak Shah and was directed by Anand Tiwari.

Love Per Square Foot: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

14. Nanu Ki Jaanu

The horror-comedy movie directed by Faraz Haider in 2018 brought tears in eyes after people couldn’t stop laughing at the stupid while funny scenes of the movie which were unforgettable. The movie starred Abhay Deol, Patralekha, Manu Rishi, Rajesh Sharma, and many more.

Nanu Ki Jaanu: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

15. Meri Nimmo

A hilarious movie that proved “age is just a number for love” this movie cannot be proved as an easy title for the game because of its choice of words. The movie starred Karan Dave, Anjali Patil, and was directed by Rahul Shanklya.

Meri Nimmo: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

16. Omerta

This title is related to a movie where the actor Rajkumar Rao is depicted as a terrorist and the movie was directed by Hansal Mehta. The movie is pretty tough guess if one doesn’t know the name.

Omerta: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

17. Manmarziyaan

How cute was the love story that was depicted in this movie but cutely will your rival team act for their members to guess the title? Will they act like Abhishek Bacchan, like in Bunty or Babli, or like Vicky Kaushal in URI, or will it be Tapsee as the suspected murderer in Badla? This is a good option for you to win too!

Manmarziyaan: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

18. Mohalla Assi

The movie is based on Banaras Ghats where Sunny Deol plays a vital role. The movie is strictly on the spiritual intentions and the foreigners in the city but will your friends be able to guess the name of the movie without a single clue on the name?

Mohalla Assi: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

19. Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya

This outstanding piece of work by Shilpa Randhe has stunned artists around the work for its peaceful message and the outstanding story it has depicted but make sure your friends do not shout out the title as the message to their team-mates.

Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

20. The Fakir of Venice

A veteran artist hires you to find a Fakir, this movie is continuous scenes of confusion and mistakes also, the title is a pretty good one for the rival team to guess because gestures to act for this title are difficult ones. Starring Farhan Akhtar, Annu Kapoor, Kamal Sindhu and directed by Anand Surapur, this is a good film for the tough competition in-game.

The Fakir Of Venice: Bollywood Movies For Dumb Charades

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