KFC Introduces KFConsole, Powerful Than PS5, Comes With An In-Built Chicken Warmer

KFConsole With Chicken Warmer

Chicken lovers and gamers, you have something better than the “Finger-lickin’ good” chicken! KFC has partnered with Intel, Cooler Master, Seagate, and Asus to present to you a KFConsole.

The innovative idea is to keep people focused on their game while they are served with fresh, hot, and crispy chicken right next to them.

When you hear KFC you can imagine buckets filled with chicken wings but now you have to expand your imagination where you will see a console that has a “Chicken warmer”.

The food chamber is designed to use the system’s natural heat to keep the chicken warm while you continue playing online defeating your opponents.

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IImage Credits: Twitter/KFCGaming

How does the Finger-Lickin’ good console, KFConsole works?

The KFConsole is the first-ever video game player that comes with an in-built chicken warmer.

The chamber is designed in a manner to take away the heat of your system while you are busy playing the high definition games.

When the console is heated while the running of the game the heat is channeled into the heating chamber where you have placed your food.

This simple yet innovative technology will keep the console cool and the food, hot and fresh. Another mind-blowing fact about this console is that it will support games like GTA-5, Cyberpunk 2077!

KFConsole Heating Chamber
Image Credits: Twitter/KFCGaming

Why is KFConsole so special?

The fast-food giant KFC has paired with Cooler Master to design the beauty.

The console has various hardware like a pair of NVMe 1TB SSD cards (Seagate), ASUS swappable mini GPU, a flagship Intel CPU, apart from a chicken chamber of course!

The console has two Seagate Barracuda/Firecuda 1TB SSD as well as Cooler Master’s NC100 which is designed for excellent performance with extreme compactness for improving thermal efficiency.

The Intel Nuc 9 extreme compute element is PCLe based module which comes with a 9th Generation Intel Mobile Chip.

It has offered the players a wonderful 4K gaming experience at 240 fps (frames per second). The delivery output by the console is 240 Hz.

The high-end gaming PC is based on Intel’s Nuc 9 extreme which has the potential to handle modern day gaming while keeping the size small but powerful.

According to Cooler Master’s website mentions, the console is a VR ready design and holds up ray-tracing.

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