How Old Is This New Strain Of Coronavirus? Has It Also Spread Out Of UK?

New Strain Of Coronaviru

Lockdown in the various country since March 2020 due to coronavirus pandemic didn’t let us out because the fear of coronavirus attacking us was maximum.

Slowly the cases spiked at various intervals of the year, especially during the festival season, and the government-imposed restrictions on gatherings.

Now, a new variant of SARS-CoV-2 is speedily affecting people with an increased transmission rate in parts of the UK.

Under the new stricter coronavirus restrictions, which are known as Tier 4, has restricted people of tier 4 areas to not gather around or during Christmas while the people away from tier 4 areas are restricted to gather only on Christmas day.

The experts have said that the new strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus can increase the transmission of covid-19 by 70% and it is believed that most of the new cases in the country were a result of the new strain.

They also believe that 60% of the cases in London were a cause of the new strain of the virus which caused covid-19.

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New Strain Of Coronaviru
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What Do We Need To Know About The New Strain?

The new strain of covid-19 causing virus should not be taken lightly because it rapidly replaces the other versions of the viruses and results in easy transmission.

The experts are not very certain about the new variant but as a precautionary measure fresh lockdown would be a good decision.

Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson, has said during the Press Conference that it is a very early stage to tell about the new virus strain but it is growing at a much faster rate than the previous variant and keeping an eye on this is important.

How Old Is This New Strain Of The SARS-CoV-2? Has It Also Spread Out Of UK?

The variant was first detected in Kent on 20th September and in November, a quarter of the cases in London were because of the new variant of the covid-19 causing virus.

On 14th December, Matt Hancock, the health secretary, announced the existence of this variant which was later confirmed by public health England.

By mid-December, two-third of cases were the result of the new variant. The new strain of the covid-19 causing virus is heavily concentrated in London and is found across the UK, except Northern Ireland.

Genetic codes of various samples were monitored around the world by Nextstrain and they suggested that some cases in Denmark and two cases in Australia have also come from the UK. Cases from the Netherlands have been reported and similar variant mutations have emerged in South Africa.

Although the mutation observed from samples from South Africa has appeared to be unrelated to this one.

How Did The Virus Mutate?

Mutations that occurred in SARS-CoV-2 were a result of a random error during the virus replication.

In various cases, the mutations does not offer any such great impact but during the mutation of the new strain of the covid-19 causing virus, an error in the mutation gave the virus an advantage which later somehow increased its frequency which will spread more violently.

The newly detected UK variant B.1.1.7 is quite different from normal genomic characterization. It has an unusually large number of genetic changes, especially in the spike protein.

The spike protein is responsible for the interaction with the human cell and then spreads very quickly.

Is This A Mutated Variant More Dangerous?

Scientists are trying to figure out the ways to accurately explain for this mutation and one thing which is very clear is that the new variant is more transmissible than the older version of the virus.

The experts cannot suggest anything related to the vaccination with the mutation of the new strain of covid-19 causing virus but since there were no increased changes in the spike protein, the effectiveness of the vaccine will not be reduced.

Since the mutating power of the virus is strong, it can adapt to more extreme situations and hence cannot be ruled out in the future.

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