Top 20 Prateek Kuhad Songs To Help You Make It Through The Stressful Day

Prateek Kuhad Songs

When we hear “Prateek Kuhad”, the first thing that comes into our mind is the voice that touches our soul and helps us sleep during a tough time. Prateek Kuhad, a singer-songwriter, rose to fame in 2015, soon after his debut song was released and his song Cold/mess is the major blockbuster of his career.

His soothing voice brings peace and a sense of lightness to us. He used to live in Jaipur and shifted to the US for his studies. His insanely relatable lyrics and melodious tunes can become a support that you hold onto to pass through the day’s mess. Prateek Kuhad is known for his generously unbelievable voice which pumps up our morning schedule or can help you make it through the stressful day. Here are a few of Prateek Kuhad’s songs that will definitely lighten your thought process and keep you feeling fresh like a daisy.

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Prateek Kuhad Songs
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Best Prateek Kuhad Songs

1. Cold/mess

How often have you heard a song which strikes your deepest emotions and brings tears? Well, cold/mess by Prateek Kuhad is a song which not just brings tears but each word’s separate meaning is clearly heard in this piece. It was released in 2018 and the heart-wrenching song reached into the former USA President’s playlist. Prateek Kuhad was obviously shocked and the happiest person on earth in 2019 when he realized that his song was in Barak Obama’s playlist.

2. Kho Gaye Hum Kahan

The lyrics of this song are both penned and sung by Prateek Kuhad himself. This beautiful song from Baar Baar Dekho has often taken place of various other songs in our playlists because the beauty of this song hits differently each time. With Jasleen Royal, this song was Prateek’s debut in Bollywood. This romantic song has been romance lovers’ one of the favorite songs till date.

3. Tum Jab Paas

Tum jab paas is a song with an emotional attachment for so many out there. This romantic track by Prateek Kuhad was available in the market in 2017 and was seen to be added to various playlists. This song is based on the unconditional love one has for their dreams and how they think things will happen is clearly portrayed in the lyrics.

4. Tune Kaha

The pop genre song released in 2016 is a morning feel-good song for everyone. The soulful music and finely written lyrics of this song have made this song enter our playlists after its release.

5. Kahan Ho Tum

Ever got butterflies when your crush complimented you? Ever felt those zoo feelings in your stomach when you were in a relationship with your favorite person for the first time? This song has all those nostalgic memories which will all occur at different intervals of the song. This song is a part of Netflix’s young-adult series “Mismatched” and the song has an impact on so many people soon after Kuhad said the first line of the song.

6. Kasoor

This song was initially written in 2017 and the song is, like Kuhad’s other songs, inspired by his real-life relations. This song video was very cutely recorded where people were asked to respond in terms of facial expressions when a question was asked. With million of faces and million of expressions, this song also took the hearts of millions who listen to his songs. This song was performed by Kuhad in various musical events too.

7. Saansein

This song was seen in “Karwaan” which starred Mithila Palkar, Irfan, and Dulquer Khan. This romantic track is sung as well as written by Prateek Kuhad. This song was one of the spotlight frames of the entire movie. It was released in 2018 and the melodious track blended very well with the brewing love life of the three characters in the movie. The refreshing song has genuinely satisfying lyrics and the voice of Prateek makes it even more precious.

8. Pause

The “Pause” was one of the most trending songs in May 2020 and the lyrics of this English song by Prateek Kuhad made it more astounding! Prateek Kuhad’s composed song was a part of the second part of the famous web series “Little Things”. This song has given us an overview of the balance of our life and love which needs to be maintained. Space and a little joy, in a relation, will give wings to your relations but if there is none, there will be an imbalance between life and your love.

9. Oh Love

The folk genre song was released in 2015 and was a part of an album named “In Tokens & Charms”.This song was written and sung by Prateek Kuhad and was appreciated for the small yet very charming lyrics.

10. Kadam

Another amazing song from “Karwaan” which starred Mithila Palkar, Irfan, and Dulquer Khan, took our hearts right away. The movie was highly appreciated for its small and sensible choice of songs and so was Kuhad for his contribution in writing the lyrics of songs for this beautiful movie. This song is definitely appreciated more after the acoustic guitar gives the song a magical appearance. Prateek has very wisely used words that suit the backgrounds while you are peeping through your car window.

11. Yeh Pal

The pop, romantic genre song was released in 2013 in Raat Raazi. The song is composed by Prateek and Raat Raazi is undoubtedly a fan’s most appreciated album and this song has the perfect timing of play when it comes to “self-doubt”. This song has unimaginable energy that turns self-doubt into positive things you’d achieve if you think better of yourself.

12. Dil Parwah

Chase what you aim for. This song is for those dreamers who have decided not to quit and chase what they want from life. This song by Kuhad will have an intense impact on you because it will not just motivate you to do what you want but also make it possible for you to go through the hardships you might face while chasing what you need the most.

13. Main Kaun Hun

The lyrics of this song have a 100% impact on its listeners. This small song is good to hear and feel calm lyrics make it even more breath-taking. Kuhad’s most anticipated and appreciated album Raat Raazi made it possible for his fans to work will a little more focus because the lyrics are so appropriate for small issues you can easily resolve. This song was penned by Prateek and the song seems to have an intense impact on its listeners.

14. Ab Kya Hoga

This song is a typical interest of the people and Prateek, through his lyrics, talks to his listeners in his every song. This song revolves around various interpretations and overthinking about various decisions. It is from his famous album “Raat Raazi” and was released in 2013.

15. Fighter

Lyrics of this song have been written in a manner one will never want it to end. Prateek has once again proved through his lyrics that the words have a huge impact on his listeners. While listening to this song a feeling of calm surrounds one because the lyrics are so beautifully penned down by Kuhad.

16. Into The Night

A constant companion to share what you feel and what you want is how things will start getting normal. This song has some of the most soothing lyrics one must have seen. It came out a year after the heartbreak anthem, Cold/mess was released. This song is one of the songs where the building of companionship is portrayed through the words and the voice of Prateek Kuhad is what makes it even more beautiful and cherish-able.

17. Voh

Another super hit track from “Raat Raazi”, Voh was also released in 2013 in the folk genre. Ever thought of something which will help you build back into the strong pillar you were once, listen to this song by Prateek Kuhad which was written and sung by him.

18. Something Wrong

This song was released in 2011 in rock genre and the lyrics were penned down by Prateek himself. This is the ultimate motivating song inspiring you to look in different ways and through different horizons. Your every day has to be passed in a different manner or you just want to spend your whole life in a different way, this song has an insane amount of impact on your perspective to live in a manner.

19. Holding On

How does hope sound to you? The only thing which keeps us clinging to that one last piece of cake is our hope that we won’t gain fat with just one more bite. Hold on to that hope and voila! This song matters to everyone after they will realize that holding on to the good things in life makes our memories even better. This song by Prateek Kuhad has all the words gathered in one little piece of paper and our ears have heard every ounce of details we need to keep those good memories and that we should hold on to that.

20. Chahe Yaa Na Chahe

The amount of effort that was put by Prateek into his album “Raat Raazi” is now visible on a larger scale. This song is the perfect mix of guitar, simple lyrics, and soulful voice. This song is overloaded with emotions and a sense of good music taste. This song is the type that when ends, you’ll want to replay it and Prateek made sure his fans don’t waste any time listening to garbage.

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