OneWeb Launched 36 Satellites To Provide High-Speed Internet Services In India By 2022


OneWeb has recently launched a satellite from a Soyuz vehicle which will take 36 satellites into the LEO orbit and is a part of LEO, low Earth orbit, satellite fleet which is a part of OneWeb’s 648 strong satellites for the delivery of high-speed global connectivity. It has completed therefore launches.

This satellite fleet will join the total in-orbit constellation of 110 satellites providing low-latency global connectivity.

OneWeb is an LEO satellite communication operator that is co-owned by Bharti Global and the UK Government.

They have successfully launched their satellites from Vostochny cosmodrome in Russia which will pave a way for high-speed internet services in various global markets.

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Sunil Mittal, recently announced executive Chairman of OneWeb, has said that the launch of these satellites is one of the many steps they have taken for operationalizing the world’s first LEO constellations.

Sunil Mittal | Image Source

According to Sunil Mittal, the satellite launch will offer global services to their customers from late 2021 and will be available by mid of 2022 in India.

The services will start with the United Kingdom, Alaska, Northern Europe, Greenland, Iceland, Arctic seas, Canada and eventually spread their service globally till 2022.

OneWeb’s global services through the satellite system would meet the existing as well as future demands related to broadband connectivity.

This connectivity will be available to those communities that were left un-connected or the remote regions. During the pandemic, many people in India were left with little or no options for internet access.

Bharti Global and UK Government-owned OneWeb at present are ready to enter India directly or indirectly through commercial partnerships that either involve JV route or bandwidth capacity leasing pact but they cannot directly sell their bandwidth capacity to Indian users.

They will have to first go through Antrix Corporation which is the marketing and commercial arm of ISRO, Indian Space Research Organization.

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