Atypical Advantage, A Platform Where People With Disabilities Can Showcase And Sell Their Art

People who are differently-abled have always found it difficult to find a support system around them and it is the reason most of them are unable to do what they want to.

An E-Commerce site has been introduced to showcase the talents of people who are differently-abled. These individuals will be professionally engaged with other people.

“Atypical Advantage” is a unique and first of its kind site which will hire creative and talented artists and help them enable the sale of their work.

The E-commerce website is a new platform for people with disabilities to help them grow financially in their areas as normal people.

It is a Mumbai-based online talent platform by Vineet Saraiwala which will enhance the people with disabilities to showcase their skills and work with more confidence on large scale.

They have recently collected over 96 pieces of artwork including around 55 or more products that were designed by people with disabilities, PWD.

They are spreading the presence of their platform for the PWD and have enlisted around 200 individuals of talent on the platform.

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Who can join?

Only those who have been verified as differently-abled will be approved for the enlisting and the site will come forward for help.

The platform is practically divided into three sections:

1. Talent

This section is typically divided into 16 other categories which will divide the people into two sections light photography, physiotherapy, graphic designers, models, singers, painters, sign interpreters (for languages), designs, bakery services, motivational speaking, voiceover services, dances and many more. A short profile page will also be dedicated to each PWD which will mention their disability type, talent and their contact details.

2. Art

This section will be filled with paintings of the people to showcase their talent.

3. Store

The store section will have products with variations like bags, jewelry, clothing, fitness accessories, gourmet food with a price tag, and the buy now option. This will enable people to purchase the products they like directly from the platform.

4. Mentor Circle

This section is for the people who are ready to come forward and mentor the people with disabilities to help them grow forward in their streams with better skills.

How will it help?

The major concept of building a platform like this was to enable people to understand that disability doesn’t differentiate a person of disabilities from a normal human being.

Lack of exposure to the talented ones will definitely create a gap between the society. If differently-abled people will get in access to better mentors, their skills will be upgraded and so will the overall society.

The E-Commerce site will hire differentially abled people and give them direction in a professional manner to display their content and services in a better manner.

They will focus on these people who were unable to find support around them and bring them a platform for a better livelihood.

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