Gitanjali Rao, A Young Scientist & First Ever “Kid Of The Year” by TIME Magazine

Gitanjali Rao

Who is this fresh face, Gitanjali Rao?

A fifteen-year-old girl is all set to change the world and give her best so why can’t we?

Gitanjali Rao, from Colorado, a grand prize winner of Paradigm Challenge and recipient of several scholarships has turned heads of people who couldn’t do what she did at 15!

Gitanjali Rao is a talented girl who is a young “Changemaker”.

Gitanjali Rao
Image Source: BBC

An active STEM promoter, an inventor, award bearer in science, arts, and even community service for her big achievements at a young age, she has won National and International awards for her indulgence in various smart activities.

She won an award in International Aviation Art Contest at the state level and her piece of work is displayed at the Nashville International Airport.

The young girl is an active STEM promotor who was involved in similar activities in classes, schools, clubs, and communities.

From Gitanjali’s Inventions To Her Thoughts, What’s So Inspiring About Her?

Gitanjali has recently made the best use of technology to deal with the problem of contaminated water to getting rid of opioid addiction and cyberbullying.

She has made people question their spirit that if she can do such difficult tasks at this age why can’t we!

She is a powerhouse of achievements since her work is so precise and different from other’s perspectives. She has been identified as the first ever “Kid Of The Year” by TIME Magazine.

Gitanjali Rao In TIME
Image Source: TIME

During the Virtual Interview with Angelina Jolie, Rao was shining like a little star of hope whose words can inspire so many to work better than right now.

During the long video chat with Jolie, an envoy of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Rao mentioned that it would be possible to achieve success at lengths if many young innovator’s community can be formed.

She talked about a very common issue we face – Human rights, and under the attack of this pandemic, we need to not just divert our mind but use it as an escape to make the world a better place to live, only by changing out mentality.

She also talked about how many problems like climate change, cyberbullying, and other activities need to be resolved at a more speedy rate because we will have to face them in the future with more severe consequences.

With the introduction to new technology, we can build this place into a paradise. All we need to do is think about one thing we are passionate about to change and see the environment around you turning into a generous coil of love.

Even our slightest and smallest initiatives matter and these initiatives are what bring prosperity and calm around us.

We need to start thinking and come up with a small idea; it doesn’t matter in any way that our ideas are not big, all that matters is our thinking ability and our mentality towards its betterment.

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