UK Approves Pfizer-BionTech Covid-19 Vaccine, First In The World, Vaccination To Start From Next Week

Pfizer Vaccine

After continuous clinical tests, data analysis by experts at MHRA, and after months of spending days on streets with fear of getting infected by covid-19, MHRA has officially approved the vaccine which was developed by Pfizer and BioNTech.

The UK is now the first Western Country who will officially have a new coronavirus vaccine and it would be soon available with a week.

Minister in charge of the UK Healthcare system Matt Hancock tweeted that NHS is all set to vaccinate their citizens from next week and that the UK will become the first to approve the vaccine for supplying after clinical tests.

MHRA is acknowledged with the fact that Pfizer’s vaccines are safe and actually serve as protection against COVID-19, caused by Coronavirus.

Pfizer Vaccine
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The vaccine was clinically tested on 43,661 volunteers and data regarding the vaccine was submitted on 23rd November after Pfizer calculated that their vaccine was 95% effective.

The data submitted by Pfizer is still under scrutiny by FDA, EMA, Japanese, Australian and Canadian authorities, while MHRA was the quickest to regulate the data.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, MHRA, has also stated in a statement that the vaccine by Pfizer has met the strict standards regarding safety, quality, and effectiveness.

The vaccine which is supposed to roll out next week relies on a Novel Technology known as messenger RNA or mRNA which showed signs of 95% effectiveness when the clinical trial data were analyzed.

The need for the vaccine in the country is now more needed because the death toll has neared 60,000 in Britain during the pandemic.

The UK government has ordered two-shot doses of Pfizer and BioNTech vaccine to immunize 20 million people.

The two-shot doses will be given three weeks apart for protection against infection. Frontline health workers and the Nursing Home residents will be the first ones to be vaccinated, then the older adults and then, the rest of the citizens.

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