Made In India FAU-G Goes Live On Google Play Store For Pre-Registration


FAU-G, short for Fearless and United Guards, is a “Made in India” game empowering PM Modi’s mantra of “Atamanirbharta”.

The game is developed by nCore Games, a Bengaluru-based company, and is in collaboration with Akshay Kumar, a known Bollywood celebrity.

The teaser, released on 25th October, depicted that the game was based on the Galwan Ladakh Valley where the incident between Chinese and Indian soldiers too place.

But according to recent reviews and reports on the game, it is expected that the game is centered around “High up on peaks of the Northern Mountains”.

The game players will be called Fauji, as the name depicts, and the players will play as soldiers who will be patrolling the dangerous valley as a task or a level.

Image Source: YouTube/nCore Games

The game is currently going live on the Google play store but as a link. It means that the players will be able to pre-register before the game arrives while pre-registering will keep them updated about the game arrival.

PUBG, another famous royal battle game in India, was also reported returning in the country and few reports informed that pre-registrations for PUBG were much more in number compared to the Indian game.

Although FAU-G is also designed in a manner one wouldn’t lose interest but PUBG has been the first choice of millions of Indian gamers.

FAU-G has been building immense curiosity among the player since its release and was expected to launch in November but due to some issues, the development decided to draw back their date of launch as it might clash with the more anticipated game PUBG!

Vishal Gondal, CEO of nCore Games has clearly mentioned that FAUG is nowhere made “in-comparison” to PUBG and is directly focused on real-life incidents in the Galwan Valley.

Vishal Gondal also mentioned that the release of FAUG was not to fill the gap for the PUBG ban, instead, the game was intended to be released in October!

According to Akshay Kumar’s tweet, it was clear that the game was a contribution of his creativity and in his tweet, he also mentioned that 20% of the revenue will be transferred to the “BharatKeVeer” fund, a fund which was an outcome of an honor which can be given to the soldiers who lost their lives.

The fund will be used for the families of the martyrs.

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