Apne 2 To Be Released In Diwali 2021, Bringing Three-Generation Of Deols, Sunny, Bobby And Karan

Apne 2 Movie Coming in 2021

Legendary Bollywood actor Dharmendra with his sons will be seen again on the big screens. The Deol family has entertained us for a long time and this time their grandson will be joining them.

Every time the two generations have united on screen, the movie has created a magic now let’s wonder what will the joining of 3rdgeneration do to the publicity of the movie!

Apne, released in 2007, is regarded by Dharmendra Ji as one of his best films. The sports drama movie is all set to hit the theatres on Diwali, 2021 with its sequel.

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What Was APNE Like?

The original storyline of “Apne” movie was based on sports and drama and was directed by Anil Sharma.

The movie ran successfully on the big screen and emerged out as a blockbuster of 2007.

To remove the stain off his name, Baldev Chaudhary (Dharmendra) trains his sons Angad (SunnyDeol) and Karan (Bobby Deol) and eventually, Angad wins the title of boxing. While his other son Karan was unable to win the title due to his liver sickness, Angad successfully removed the crown off Baldev’s shoulder. In the end, Baldev received his respect back, Angad won the title and Karan revives from his sickness.

The whole movie was filled with suspense, thrill, confusion, family drama but the beautiful family drama turned out to be one of the most popular movies of 2007.

Apne Movie
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What Will Be APNE 2 Like?

In Apne 2, the movie cast includes Karan Deol, son of Sunny Deol and grandson of Dharmendra, and the shooting will start in the month of March 2021 In Europe and Punjab.

The movie will continue with the old storyline but new characters, increased action, more drama, and more emotions will surely enhance the thrill of the anticipated movie.

Presented by Soham Rockstar Entertainment Private Limited, directed by Anil Sharma, and produced by Deepak Mukut, Apne 2 is also expected to emerge with the same or more likes by the audience.

Apne 2 Movie Coming in 2021
Image Source: The Indian Express

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