Serum Institute Of India Applying For Emergency COVID Vaccine Use Within 2 Weeks

Adar Poonawalla

SII, Serum Institute of India, is under a procedure to apply for the emergency use approbation of Covishield in around two weeks.

On 28th November 2020, Saturday, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, visited SII to review the vaccine development and personally ensure that the manufacturing process is not slowing down.

Adar Poonawalla, CEO of SII, has indicated through his suggestion that the Government of India may purchase at least 300 to 400 Million doses of Covishield by July 2021.

During the press conference, AdarPoonawalla also mentioned that he is not sure how many dozes the Indian government would purchase but he has an indication of how many the government might.

SII has partnered with Oxford University and AstraZeneca, a British-Sweden pharmaceutical giant, for the Covishield.

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Adar Poonawala
Image Source: Forbes

The data related to the vaccines is under the submission process to the Drug Control of India and the Health Ministry will take the decision to roll out the doses in the first and second quarters.

SII is currently focusing on the distribution of the vaccine in India and COVAX countries. They are manufacturing 50 Million to 60 Million doses per month and after January the doses will be increased to 100 million, said SII CEO during the Press Conference.

The UK and European markets will be handled by AstraZeneca and Oxford while SII will distribute the dozens first in India and then the COVAX Countries.

With the relatively cheaper price and the ability to store the vaccine at normal temperature while even transporting it, the vaccine is hope for various developing countries.

Serum Institute of India is ready with the results of the adults since the trials were taken on them but no such trials were taken in the age group of Under 18. So, this one of the reasons why the vaccine has been delayed.

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