Indian Govt Bans 4 Chinese Apps Owned By China’s Retail Giant Alibaba Group Among Another 43 Apps

Alibaba Banned India

Under section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 43 more Chinese applications were banned by the Indian government.

The purpose of banning these applications was because the applications were detrimentally ruining the sovereignty and integrity of the nation.

59 Chinese applications were banned in June after Indo-China tension was peaked which was followed by the death of 20 Indian soldiers in Eastern Ladakh Galwan Valley.

118 more Chinese apps were banned by the Indian government in September after the government confirmed that those applications posed a threat to the Nation’s sovereignty and defense.

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The need for banning 267 applications was based on reports from the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre, reports received by the government.

The total number of banned applications has resulted to 267 after 59 applications were banned in June and then 47 more Chinese applications were banned who were operating as a replica of 59 other applications, intact, 118 more apps were banned in September and now 43 more applications were banned.

Alibaba Banned India
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The government described the banning of applications as a digital strike which was the government’s decision to protect the citizens and integrity of the country. AliExpress, video sharing application Snack video, CamCard, and various other applications among the 43 banned apps will no longer be available.

The need for banning the applications was the first concern of the Indian government for security reasons and that the hygiene of smartphones of Indian users must be free from threat causing applications.

Applications collected massive amounts of data from your phone’s and used your personal information.

The personal information was nowhere related to the service that the application provided and hence the security solution needs to be upgraded.

Removing a threat causing applications from causing further damage, the government has expected the IT sector of India to work on improving India’s Framework with respect to Information and Technology.

Indian applications will help the country become globally powerful and it will eventually profit the Atamanirbhar Bharat mission by the government of India.

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