Microsoft Teams To Add All-Day Free Video And Voice Calling Feature Challenging Zoom

Microsoft Teams To Add All Day Free Calling Feature

Microsoft Teams was one of the most used platforms by the users during the pandemic. Microsoft Teams was mostly used for online classes and business meetings.

Even during the festivals, Microsoft Teams was very helpful to keep the family members close during the eve. Various other platforms like Zoom, WebEx, Google Meet were also in high demand because of the same reasons.

Although, Microsoft teams’ finest rival Zoom introduced a new feature of lifting the 40 minutes feature of video chat or voice call during the Thanksgiving period.

Microsoft has decided to update their terms and enable the people to create a group with around 250 people and make around 49 people visible during the chat all virtual conversations and introducing the free all day calling feature.

According to reports by The Verge, Microsoft teams is building their initiative of all-day video calling option to attract zooms.

Microsoft Teams To Add All Day Free Calling Feature

New features:

Microsoft teams have confirmed their development through a blog post and they mentioned their feature of allowing users to meet for 24 hours with over 300 participants until specified by the company.

Another feature of Microsoft team video calling is that the users don’t need a specific Microsoft account or the Microsoft Team’s application for virtual calls.

Individuals can be invited through a link which will be generated by the host at Microsoft Teams and they can all access the link directly through their browser.

To decrease the difficulty in finding different members on the meeting, Microsoft teams has launched their “together mode” in June, which enhances the experience of virtual conferences.

The initiative to allow 49 members, just like Zoom, Microsoft teams app will enable you to see over 49 friends or family members in a Gallery view.

Microsoft has decided to support the shared photos and videos in your personal or group chats through your device.

Microsoft teams has developed another feature for professionals allowing them to add their personal account and call or chat with the friend or family options open on the Teams Desktop and Web Application.

New supports:

Microsoft teams will update the terms regarding the mobile application where a feature will let you communicate with your contacts through SMS.

According to this update, the host will be able to send a message which will be received via SMS on the recipient’s device.

The recipient can now reply to those messages like regular texts and the individual will get a direct link to download the application on their phones.

The particular update is initially targeted to preview at the US and Canada.

New supporting features like adding the events from Microsoft teams chats to device calendar, receive tasks, photo addition to the personal safety and the location update features will all be available in the activity feed now.

The feed activity like leaving or arriving at a particular location will now be updated as the new feature where your friends or family will receive the location alert, including the location share feature which was added earlier this year.

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