Amid Surging Infections, Pfizer Requests For Emergency Use Authorization In The United States

Focusing on the current conditions, immediate action is an important need for salvation from global pandemic.

Traumatizing shutdowns resulted in various Nations and countries after the infections started spreading at a higher rate.

The world is now in the need of vaccines and the German partner BioNTech and US biotechnology giant Pfizer have teamed up to bring out their vaccines at early stages to provide relief from spreading infections.

Preventing infections at this stage is a difficult step but bring out the vaccines would surely prompt the return of the shutdown.

The vaccine committee of the US Food and Drug Administration has been all set up to meet on 10th December 2020 discussing the issue regarding the emergency use of vaccines.

Availability of vaccines or not has been recognized by the FDA through transparency and know that it is critical for the public to build their confidence relating to covid-19 vaccines.

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Stephen Hahn, FDA head, has assured the Americans the evaluation and the process checking of covid-19 vaccine data for potential effects will be widely transparent and open as much as possible.

They are not sure about the final state or have any predictions about how long it would take for reviewing the vaccine but the Federal government is pretty sure that they can signal the green light in December.

Chances of developing another vaccine by a US firm name Moderna has also taken leads for building a global vaccine in the vaccine chase.

It is expected that Ursula Von Der Leyen, EU Commission President, as expected the European bloc for approving both the vaccines before the year ends.

After the emergence of covid-19 from Wuhan, civil cases have spiked ever since approaching the death rate to 1.4 million and infecting approximately 57 million people globally.

Countries where cases are maximum like the US and India,  acquiring the first and second position respectively in terms of most infected people, have been reported to run out of room in the graveyards.

The alarming rate of increased numbers of infected patients has forced the authorities to advise people to stay at home even during the upcoming festival season.

Cities have been burdened under various guidelines including Toronto where the lockdown will be placed on Monday, California will impose a curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. from Saturday, Northern Ireland has decided to shut down the pubs and the shops for two more days during the week to reduce the spiking of cases and Portugal has extended the state of emergency 8th December 2020.

WHO has decided to invest $4.5 billion in funds for a program called G20 Nations for proper distribution of vaccines globally, according to AFP.

Whereas few differences have been found between the two vaccines like Pfizer’s vaccine basic requirement needed to be stored at -70°C while Moderna’s vaccine needs to stored at only -20°C and Pfizer-BioNTech doses are of 30 micrograms while that of Moderna is 100 micrograms, lowering the production cost of per dozens.

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