PUBG Likely To Re-Launch In India With Features That Will Be Compatible With Indian Users

After the ban on PUBG in India during the month of September, many people plead for the government to return the game back to India.

Due to privacy issues, the government banned the application in India, especially the Chinese applications which posed a threat to the information of Indian users.

The game will now re-launch in India with features that will be compatible with the Indian players. The game is believed to be launched in a few months but the release date is yet to be revealed.

The game will be launched with pinches and twists for the country and the gamers are excited about the game’s return.

FAU-G, made in India, the game is based on action. It received a little appreciation but now when the PUBG return is announced-registrations for PUBG has crossed the pre-registrations number for FAU-G’ preregistration.

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nCoregames have geared up for massive launching of the made in India game later this month.

A few days after PUBG mobile was banned in India FAU-G teaser was launched which gained wide popularity.

According to the first teaser, the company has confirmed that its first edition of the FAU-G game will be focusing on Galwan Valley Episode.

According to a famous game commending platform, TapTap, which is available on mobile, has suggested that around 60,000 pre-registrations took place for FU-G while 200,000 pre-registrations took place for PUBG mobile India.

The number of registrations has not been officially confirmed by the platforms but both the games are under extreme development and enhances for the launch.

No specific launch date has been announced but the gamers are excited and are all set for the show to begin.

PUBG mobile turned out to be the most played game in India and the company is ready to re-launch their game in India but waiting for the government to give them a go-ahead signal by removing the ban.

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