Scapic, An Augmented Reality Startup Gets Acquired By Flipkart

Flipkart Acquires Scapic

Walmart owned company Flipkart has recently announced its acquisition of Scapic, an augmented reality start-up.

The company will now be acquiring a 100% stake in the start-up. Currently working on enhanced technologies and accelerating their efforts for Flipkart, they have decided to provide better and deeper camera experiences, virtual storefronts, and millions of new opportunities for the advertising of the brand on their platform.

Flipkart’s CEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy has recently said that they are happy to make an investment in Scapic where their major focus will be honoring and developing the retail ecosystem.

They will be deeply involved in the platform’s betterment and easy navigation for a rich experience with respect to content and platform. They are hence looking forward to work with the Scapic team.

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Flipkart Acquires Scapic
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Flipkart has decided to make its platform more immersive by involving Scapic. The group has an impeccable capability to scale their online gaming and they stunned their presence with the help of vernacular social gaming start-up, Mech Mocha.

The Bengaluru based group has the capability to create, enable, and publish, on a cloud-based platform, AR, and 3D content.

Serving various clients throughout the E-Commerce and marketing sector, Scapic has been regulated to bolster the shopping experiences on Myntra, owned by Flipkart, and turn heads towards their social commerce platform 2GUD.

Developing a better shopping experience for the customers and better visuals will require advancements like AR and 3D.

Such advancements are possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and AR enhancements. Creating such experiences across various categories including fashion, furniture, and electronics, the company is bound to provide better visuals than before.

Flipkart has been working on their shopping spree to help them continue with the expansion of their presence with the help of technology advancements and the miracles of artificial intelligence.

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