International Day For Tolerance 2020: To Educate People In Masses To Build Their Belief Tolerance As An Integral Part Of The Society

International Day for tolerance started by the United Nations General Assembly is marked on November 16th.

Mahatma Gandhi’s 125th birth anniversary, in 1995, was marked as the day when UNESCO came up with a reward for the individuals or the organizations that have promoted and placed their efforts towards tolerance and non-violence.

The UNESCO Manjeet Singh price for the promotion of tolerance and nonviolence significant activities in the field of scientific artistic cultural or commercial sections are promoted for the spirit of tolerance.

The aim to start the day was to educate educational institutions and people in masses to build their belief tolerance as an integral part of the society.

Director-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay, said that various forms of expression extremism and fantasies Amma unleashed and at such moments a Venom of hatred has continued poisoning are humanity and tolerance has never been under such extreme conditions.

International Day for tolerance especially during the covid-19 situation needs to be tackled and foster the unity.

The core objective of celebrating tolerance day is to respect the rights and freedoms and to moral duty and its requirement in the present era.

The United Nations also took their social media handle to forward their wishes to the people.

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Vasudhaiva Kutumbakar

The roots of Indian culture are embedded tolerance and hence the country’s value system is integrated by the philosophy of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam which translates to “The World is one family”.

This philosophy promotes universalism and prosperity and the Indian Constitution also acknowledges the fact that the country’s soul inhabits the power of pluralism.

This principle reflects the secular ethics the country is enriched with.

But recently numerous incidents regarding communal clashes and violence based on caste and the majority of politics has disrespected the idea of a secular country.

Are individuals life since the day from his birth to his last breath the neutrality towards religion can never cause the states Indifference towards religion since life is dedicated by their faith.

Indian system should respect the diversity in culture language and religion and preserve them the adverse impacts of misuse of values should be diverted towards tolerance and humanity.

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