Tanishq Takes Down Its Latest Ad That Promotes To Ban Firecrackers This Diwali After Getting Critisized On Social Media

A controversy erupted on social media handles after Tanishq, a jewelry brand by Tata, deleted their second advertisement within a month.

The reason for the fast pull-down was due to the netizens criticizing the ad after one of the actors in the advertisement said, “Definitely no crackers. I don’t think anyone should light firecrackers”.

Various Twitter handles criticized the advertisement by mentioning that the brand doesn’t need to advise people on how they should celebrate the festivals.

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Tanishq Advertisement
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BJP’s National General Secretary CT Ravi tweeted that Hindus don’t need an advertisement as advice to celebrate our festivals. The companies should focus on their products and not the lectures on lighting firecrackers. Another BJP leader, Gaurav Goel, tweeted against Tanishq and asked the company to apply the advice for their cheap publicity campaign.

Vivek Agnihotri, a filmmaker, also quoted, to criticize the brand’s name, by mentioning that this Diwali we should also kill the Hindu culture and the tradition by promoting consumerism. He criticized the company’s advertisement by relating that the fake smiles and VFX bodies that are completely covered with regressive gold jewelry will lead us all towards “Ekatvam”.

Such increasing negative tweets intensified the threatening of Tanishq employees.

Few people were in support of Tanishq and questioned those who thought that the brand’s motive was to advertise against the Hindu tradition. They also supported the brand by mentioning that pollution should be the first thing they should focus on and not burning firecrackers with eventually 10 things in our favor to live on the planet.

In the first add which Tanishq uploaded for the same “Ekatvam” series, people criticized it for ruining the harmony among the fellow Hindus.

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Here’s The Netizens Reactions On The Latest Tanishq Advertisement.



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