Karnataka Colleges Reopening From November 17, Students And Staff To Take Mandatory Covid-19 Test

After Assam, the Karnataka government have decided to reopen the colleges from 17th November for the first time, since the pandemic has been on our head.

Various guidelines have been issued before opening the colleges relating to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that has to be followed by the colleges.

All the students, including the staff also, of the college are requested to undergo RT-PCR tests before the reopening of the colleges. Three days prior to the opening of colleges is the requested time for the tests.

According to SOP guidelines, released by the Karnataka government, the colleges are requested to map the closest Primary Health centers for students and the staff to get free tests done.

The teachers are advised to wear a visor and a mask. Food stalls, canteens or libraries are not allowed to open until further notice, according to the first phase of reopening.

According to the guidelines the class leaders or monitors have been asked to keep a check on their classmates and ensure that no one is disregarding the rules and they have been asked to inform the college staff if anyone exhibits covid-19 symptoms.

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Activities like NCC and NSS have been denied at the moment including the cultural activities. The college authority has been clearly instructed to regularly sanitize doorknobs, lift buttons, handrails, chairs, and benches with disinfectants on the regular basis.

Since the first lockdown was announced in mid-March, the corridors of Educational Institutes have been since then, but more lockdowns were imposed following the impacts of the infectious disease.

A meeting was announced to recall the need to open the colleges to further stop the state of deterioration of education quality. The decision to reopen the colleges took place on 23rd October after the meeting was chaired by Deputy Chief Minister, Dr. CN Ashwath Narayan.

Various prevention methods have been considered before opening the schools keeping an option of online and offline attending, open to students. The decision of opening schools for students from class 9th to 12th in October was postponed due to a spike in covid-19 cases in Northern Karnataka, mainly including students and teachers.

While the government’s decisions were passed to open schools, Professor MR Doreswamy, educational reform Advisor of Karnataka, was in favor of opening degree colleges before schools and clearly mentioned that schools should reopen only in the final phase.

Postgraduate and final year students, who are interested in attending classes offline, have to bring a consent letter of their parents duly signed by them.

A schedule to ensure the safety of students has been implemented to maintain a social distance and contact classes has been allotted to conduct the facility of clearing doubts and resolve issues of students.

The teachers have been asked to prepare their study materials accordingly for a duration of one month and send the compulsory material to students who required them via e-mail or social sites like Telegram and WhatsApp.

The faculty has been asked to upload video lectures, presentations, audiobooks, and practice questions to upload on the website of the college. Students who are in favor of attending online classes or the contact classes are allowed to stay in the hostel whether it is on-campus or off-campus.

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