BigBasket Faces Data Breach Of 2 Crore Users, Data Now On Sale In Dark Web For $40,000

Data breach the most common committed cybercrime has currently attached the online grocery store BigBasket.

BigBasket has always prioritized its users’ sensitive data from being released but recently according to cyber intelligence firm Cyble, BigBasket has released highly sensitive data of their customers on the dark web.

The information includes full name,  email ids, password hashes, contact numbers, IP addresses, and various more information which suggests a dangerous attack on users’ personal information.

While Cyble were running their routine dark web monitoring course, the research team found database of users on sale and it was being sold for over $40,000 in the cybercrime market.

The leaked database portion was included with the essential table name “member_member”. This SQL file size is approximately 15 GB which contains the data of over 20 million users.

The hashed OTPs, email ID, PIN, contact numbers, full addresses, date of birth, and IP addresses of log in might result in heavy faults and loss of personal data.

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BigBasket Databreach
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The company has ensured their users that their financial data is secure and safe but the names and addresses of the people has been exposed on the dark web.

To shop online personal information like debit or credit card details with the E-Commerce platform is necessary and the site saves the details, making it easier for you to place your orders in the future.

The breach was first detected on 30th October and 1st November, the company has filed a complaint at Bengaluru’s Cyber Cell.

The company is currently evaluating the extent of the breach And the authenticity of the claim is under consultation with the cybersecurity experts to find immediate ways to prevent them from future harassment users might be involved in.

They are intensely pursuing the culprits’ true vigorous consultations and evaluations related to the potential data.

BigBasket has also ensured that their customers’ only data maintained by them is email id, phone number, order details and address for potential access to the services.

Their robust information and security framework to manage the information via technology and best in class resources will be engaged with experts to strengthen this.

The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, funding BigBasket have their userbase spread in giant cities like Bangalore Hyderabad Mumbai Pune Chennai Delhi Noida Mysore Coimbatore including various more.

They have offered over 18,000 products with over 1000 brands in that catalog and during the pandemic, BigBasket played a supporting role with their services by delivering products on doorsteps of their users due to lack of essential food supplies in the market.

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