PM Modi To IIT Delhi Graduates: Work On Startups And Focus On Innovation To Solve The Country’s Problems

PM Modi addressing IIT Delhi Graduating Students

Start-ups are innovative ideas to build one’s business and spread their roots in the Indian market. IIT Delhi, one of the most preferred institutions in India recently, in their 51st convocation were addressed by our Prime Minister,  Mr. Narendra Modi.

He encouraged IIT-Delhi graduating students on the topic of Start-ups. He initiated his speech with building confidence among students for their innovative ideas of businesses at a small scale which will result in massive success.

The virtual addressing by Mr. Modi focused on improving “ease of living” by the virtue of building “ease of business for future”.

The effect of the pandemic resulted in heavy losses in businesses and young start-ups. The innovative ideas with building start-ups using technology might just initiate a big role.

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PM Modi addressing IIT Delhi Graduating Students
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The initiative to help the young start-ups to improve the lives of crores through globalization will provide better support to everyone.

The Modi government is all set to support the young innovative minds in their start-ups.  He also mentioned how after the 2015 scheme launch for start-ups, the start-ups have increased to around 50,000.

The increase in startups has highly evolved in sectors including agriculture, finance technology, medicine, and defense.

The support has built “unicorns” in the field of start-ups and encouraging the graduate nubile minds to achieve their dreams. Unicorns are also a start-up that is privately held and is valued to be $1 Billion or over.

The notable increase in the startups has increased gradually with at least 20 new start-ups by Indians.

PM also talked about the tax exemption and self-certification for these entrepreneurs to self certify themselves online with Nine Labour and Environmental Laws.

The PM also mentioned one important note in his speech where he mentioned Atmanirbhart Bharat as the most feasible environment proffered for building these businesses.

He also praised the exceptional abilities of these students because they cracked the toughest paper

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