Streetbees, An AI Based Emotions Monitoring App Raises $40 Million In Series B


Streetbees is a company dealing with real-life behavior analysis. They have recently secured $40 Million in series B round funding. The Series B funding will be used to boost their first human intelligence platform development.

Series B round was led by Lakestar which led to StreetBees’ total market value to around $300 Billion. This funding will be used to find data acquisition in verticals including media and entertainment keeping new sales opportunities parallel to them.

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Streetbees has acquired 3.5 million users while capturing real-life emotions engaging with the brands. Streetbees has revealed growth opportunities through their neural networks employing, which are used to scrutinize the unstructured data.

The firm has captured 80% of the human decision index and the company has inflated its visibility through exclusive datasets of millions of offline moments.

Prime contenders like PepsiCo, Procter, and Gamble, Unilever are all pivoted around Streetbees for the consumers sharing their brand experiences, through intelligence.

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Streetbees has partnered with leading brands like Sony Pictures, Carlsburg, Santander, IKEA, Vodafone, and L’Oréal.

The company has decided to increase its headcount to 230, from 100 currently.

Tugce Bulut, CEO of Streetbees has mentioned how understanding the decisions, humans make is difficult to analyze while technology has made progress in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, human reality is still complex behavior.

Decrypting human behavior by brands will be made easy when Streetbees will further accelerate their searchable creations.

The firm has reached a revenue growth of 150% over the past years.

Streetbees involvement in NGOs and National Health Services during the pandemic provided excellent deciphered values about human behavior helping the government to understand the confusion and mental health status of their customers.

Lakestar partner, Christoph Schuh, says that Lakestar is proud to join Streetbees, and their innovatively controlled engagement with the evolving needs while engaging with the customer base is highly successful in itself.

Other investors include LocalGlobe, who will be reinvesting in Streetbees through their breakout fund, Latitude, and GMG Ventures LLP.

Alan Hudson, the Managing Partner in GMG Ventures, has stated that Streetbees has acquired a global platform through AI-based program for a clear insight of decision making.

Streetbees is now available in 190 countries with over 3.5 million users or they call them “bees”; their platform is available worldwide as Starbees app, the users can use chat-style application for sharing their moments via photos videos, and text.

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