Baba Ka Dhaba Owner Filed A Complaint Against YouTuber Gaurav Wasan For Allegedly Misappropriating Money

Baba Ka Dhaba

Kanta Prasad, an 80-year-old pandemic sufferer, was suddenly very famous after Youtuber, Gaurav Wasan, shared a video focusing on Baba Ka Dhaba, owned by Kanta Prasad.

Kanta Prasad told YouTuber how he used to earn a lot before, but the pandemic turned his life upside down due to a lack of customers. The video on YouTube video went viral, people started gathering at Baba Ka Dhaba to enjoy the delicious food he served.

Baba Ka Dhaba is now a famous spot in South Delhi where people now visit to eat the healthy yet inexpensive delicacies. Recently Kanta Prasad has filed a complaint against GauravWasanfor purportedly pilfering the fund used for Prasad’s help.

The widely shared video of the elderly man and his wife went viral after 7th October. In the video, Kanta was seen talking about how lack of customers has affected his business in Malviya Nagar but after the video went viral he received humongous donations from people to save his business.

Baba Ka Dhaba
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The tables turned when on Sunday Kanta Prasad told that he received only a cheque for ₹2,00,000 from the YouTuber.

He also mentioned how he used to earn ₹10, 000 per day but now the income has reduced to only ₹3000 to ₹5000. Most of the customers now come to his Dhaba only to take selfies.

Prasad filed a complaint, along with a group of men at Malviya Nagar police station claiming that his band details were purposefully shared under the name of huge donations and collected then through his source.

The Malviya Nagar Police is inquiring the same but no such FIR has been registered, said Atul Kumar Thakur, DCP (South).

Wasan has denied the allegations saying that he has transferred all the money and that he didn’t know that the video would be this big hit. He shared Prasad’s bank account details to help him rather than harassing him.

Wasan has also shared three receipts of the transactions which were all dated October 27. One cheque mentioned ₹1,00,000 and the other mentioned₹2,33,000 including one receipt of bank payment of ₹45,000.

Gaurav Wasan has recently shared his bank statement to clear the misunderstandings. Even after the shared documents on his official Facebook page, people have accused him of “heavily editing” the details.

He has uploaded the document stating the total credited amount of ₹3.5 lakh while Prasad has told that he knows nothing about the other two transactions because he is unable to carry his phone to check for the amount.

Various YouTubers have also allegedly accused Wasan of receiving ₹20-25 Lakh while he has denied any such rumors. Legal action has been initiated against those.

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