Third Wave Of Coronavirus In Delhi? “Possible But Too Early To Say”: Health Minister

Third Wave of Coronavirus In Delhi

Delhi hit the fatal 30 of 5673 cases in one day indicating a head start to the third wave of covid-19 infections in the capital.

But we should currently not consider the indicated start as the third wave but wait for a week instead look for the trend and define the possibilities, said Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain, during the overseeing amid the pandemic for the readiness of Health Care facilities in Delhi.

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Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain
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The steady jump in the number of cases was something they were already expecting and various strategies have been changed for meeting the challenges.

The season of the festival is also close with winters on the peak various strategies have been defined and taken into consideration.

If a person is found to be positive a test for the entire family is taking place including the close contacts and the tests are done not just once but twice after 4 to 5 days.

Previously the doctors used to wait for symptoms to appear in members who are in contact including the entire circle and the tests were done immediately.

Strategies have been considered to ensure that not even a single case is left untouched and meetings have been proposed with top officials for discussion and prevention on suppressing the infection in Delhi.

The number of testing has increased and hence the number is spiking but hopefully, good results are on the way and contact tracing has been standing editorial the condition for infected people. Plasma therapies have been recovered for the infected ones.

Around 5000 beds were used for or COVID-19 patients treatment and availability of 10,000 were made for storing that there is no critical condition regarding the cases and handling the situation.

Delhi people have been informed with the warning that the cases might spike during the winter with around 15,000 covid-19 infected patients on daily basis.

Arrangements and Hospital admissions for patients and severe and moderate symptom lookup are recommended at the early stages.

Institutional care is in Delhi is estimated to be above 20% i.e 3000 cases a day.

The waiver first bike was seen on 23rd June with 3,947 Daily cases and the second wave was a hit on 16th September with 4,473 cases including 60000 average testings.

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