US To Share Satellite And Surveillance Data With India Under This New Landmark Defence Pact

BECA Signing

A key defense agreement, notably BECA, Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement, was signed between the US and India. The agreement provides geo-spatial data access to India with the critical military applications significant data.

The agreement was signed today, 27th October, when S Jaishankar, Minister of External Affairs, and Rajnath Singh, Defense Minister, held the 2+2 talks with Mike Pompeo, US Secretary and Mark Esper, Defence Secretary of the US, in Delhi.

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Landmark Defence Pact BECA Signing
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The agreement was signed by Jivesh Nandan, Defence Ministry Additional Secretary of India, on behave of India.

The later talks were briefed by Rajnath Singh at Hyderabad House where he mentioned that the BECA signing was a “significant “move.

BECA is the final fourth understanding between the US and India which gives and allows access to the topographical images and the precise data, based on real-time- from the United States military satellites.

The accessed data will not be accessible to third parties. The classified information will be used for better services to the military through advanced navigation techniques and geo-spatial information.

BECA Signing
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These services will increase the level of the supported hardware systems in the military with more accurate missiles and precise drones.

The access would provide India with profound data on the eastern Ladakh border intense rivalry with China.

Another focused discussion was on the Indo-pacific region. The growing partnership between the US and India will be focused on the Indo-Pacific region while they handle the China-India spark in the eastern Ladakh region, said Mark Esper.

Mark Esper has also mentioned how the US will be actively participating in support for India while India deals with attacks from other nations.

Mark Esper and Mike Pompeo are in talks with the Indian Nation Security Advisor Ajit Doval and a “constructive meeting” took place where topics requiring utmost importance and related to strategic improvement were discussed.

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