Kerala Has Become The First State In The Country To Set Floor Prices Of 16 Varieties Of Vegetables

Floor Prices of Vegetables In Kerala

What Is Floor Price?

Kerala has come up with an innovative idea to keep the farmers from below the loss mark by introducing a fixed base price. A fixed price will be taken into consideration while the farmer sells his produce. Even if the price falls below the base price the amount will be credited to the farmers’ account.

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What Is The New Initiative By Kerala Government?

Kerala becomes the first state in the country to instigate a floor price for vegetables. The floor price would be considered 20% above the production cost for the betterment of the farmers, according to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

The maneuver will be brought into the function from 1st November 2020.

This is the first time that such a step for floor pricing took place for fixing the price of 16 varieties of vegetable produce in Kerala.

The initiative is considered to bring relief and support to our farmers because even if the market price might go below the scale, the produce will be acquired at the floor price of the produce.

Kerala chief minister has mentioned how from the last four and half years they have supported the farmers across the country and several initiatives were gated for the development as well as of the agriculture in the state.

Although the farmers are still unhappy because of increasingly high prices.

The Local Self-Government, LSG, will be responsible for amassing and the distribution of the vegetables. The scheme is a benefit of a maximum of 15 acres of vegetable cultivation per season.

Floor Prices of Vegetables In Kerala
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What Do Farmers Have To Do?

The registration department will open the portals from 1st November for ensuring that the farmers will get the benefit of the floor prices.

Eligibility for receiving the benefits, the farmers have to upload their data including the area of the farmland they cultivated in, harvest time data related to sowing, and the expected harvest.

What Are The Floor Prices Of Vegetable Varieties?

As far as the government is involved in making India a better cultivation space for them, the new rule will fix the floor prices to keep the farmers from receiving losses throughout their cultivation. The 16 varieties whose base prices per kg have been announced are:

Tapioca Rs. 12
Banana Rs. 30
Wayanadan Banana Rs. 24
Pineapple Rs. 15
Ash gourd Rs. 9
Cucumber Rs. 8
Bitter gourd Rs. 30
Snake gourd Rs. 16
Tomatoes Rs. 18
Beans nadan(Vallipayar) Rs. 34
Lady’s finger Rs. 20
Cabbage Rs. 11
Carrots Rs. 21
Potatoes Rs. 20
Beans Rs. 28
Garlic Rs. 139
Beetroot Rs. 21

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