BYJU’S Is Now Looking To Expands It Footprints In International Markets Starting With US

Byju Raveendran

Byju’s has become the world’s most valued education technology start-up.

The concepts taught in class might just bounce from your head while your classmates are busy doing the numerical because they understood. Most of the students are under the pressure of not possessing IQ high enough to compare themselves to their classmates.

Byju’s presented their platform to all the students who made them understand the concepts to an extent that build their confidence.

Focusing on their quality of explanation techniques, IQ is just another word for them.

With their successful stories, Byju’s is now looking to expand their footprints in the USA. In January 2019, US-based platform Cosmo was acquired by Byju’s, and to increase the creativity of teaching they tied up with Disney for the launch of their teaching program for classes 1-3.

Byju’s platform was highly praised by its users in terms of knowledge and creativity of teaching.

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Byju Raveendran
Byju Raveendran | Founder Of Byju’s App | Image Source

India has provided renowned engineers to the world and it would be no harm to provide teachers with good quality knowledge and experience to the world.

Byju’s will be starting their platform on foreign shores with their two already good acquisitions to accelerate their expansions.

Osmo, a Palo Alto-based company, which is reported to be closed at $100 Million revenue and WhitehatJunior, for the purpose of coding, using the model of teachers helping students throughout the world, will show a positive graph above zero for their expansions, instead of zero start.

WhiteHat Junior is a common platform known in India for its remarkable techniques to fill young minds with technology creativity.

Osmo is another powerful platform focused on reality game making and learning for kids. This will give them a head start in the Edutech department in US.

Videos other expertise like labIn App, TutorVisa, MathAdventures, and Vidhyarthi will develop better minds.

Byju’s has also decided to build a product which will help teachers produce good quality teaching for skills required in English speaking market.

With white hat junior place that dollar 200 million rates, Byju’s is building synchronous as well as asynchronous balance for personalized learning and synchronized scheduling. Integrating their level to bring the formats together will simply increase the expertise level in the platform.

The new foreign shores will be introduced with a brand name which they are still figuring out. WhitehatJunior or Byju’s, the parent brand or the subsidiary brand is totally dependent on them for the introduction.

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