Dussehra 2020 :Delhi NCR Residents Will Cut Cake But Won’t Burn Effigies

The Modern Dussehra vibes!

We are in the curbs of poisonous air due to maximum air pollution. This Dussehra, NCR residents have decided to celebrate the festival of “Victory over evil” in an entirely new approach.

Dussehra is a festival bringing joys and festive vibes are mostly felt by people when a firecracker is burnt. This year might be just a new phase of the “Dussehra Celebration” with maybe a cake cutting ceremony marking the end of the evil or pleasant ideas at home for celebrations!

Ravan, the evil one, is made out of plastics, papers, wrappings, and what not! When the arrow is shot into Ravan for the burning ceremony, the pollution caused is massive and poisonous enough to choke you.

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Baking instead of burning!

This year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, restrictions and strict rules are imposed on grounds and celebrations to avoid a spike in the cases. An innovative idea has come up in the mind of a Hari Nagar-based baker- Prabheen Kaur.

She, with her complete and utmost possibilities of involvement, has decided to celebrate the years old victory in “Modern Approach”.

Say it approach or an eagerness to keep you from Covid-19, the idea has circulated through the internet and many people are showing their interest by asking her to bake them a cake!

Yes, a cake with Ravan’s face on it! Time taken to build a Ravan is largely dependent on the size. The preparation starts a week ago and continues till the last moment.

While, on the other hand, baking a cake takes only 45 to 50 minutes. It is also time and money-saving!

Making a Ravan out of scarps and used products requires time and physical work while baking a cake would just keep you under the roof and inside your house with an AC.

She says that a cake is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion and a festival where Ravan has to be destroyed; you can just easily cut the cake for the ceremony. Easy as pie!

Dussehra 2020
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The digital Ravan with voiceovers!

Akanksha Pandey, another homemaker from Delhi, has also shared that how her husband and she are going to present the amazing Ramlila with an innovative idea to their daughter.

They have been teaching their 5-year old daughter about our mythology.

She will be using sounds of her daughter’s grandparents and their own to build an intense and more interesting environment for the little one.

She will be displaying the story digitally and voice overs will surely turn out to be magnificent after effects. Ravan on a computer screen will keep the little one interested and keep her from getting infected from Covid-19 too!

Create evil masks with recyclable materials!

Another organization, The Stagecrackers, is on their way to teaching children about celebrating and saving the environment this festive season.

They are a Gurugram-based organization who runs an online class for students and they will teach them how to build Ravan masks from recyclable and pollution-free materials.

They will teach children to get creative and enjoy the festive vibes in a more pleasant manner. How innovative is that to avoid crowd!

A greener lifestyle will no doubt turn out to be the finest celebration so why not start it right away. If you cannot bake a cake or shot movies, you can easily order one!

Simpler ways to celebrate might be the “New Celebration” class. Simple and sober but magnificent and classy!

Keeping our environment in mind, of-course crackers are a high-risk factor, we should save it from getting more desiccated.

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