COVID-19: India’s Recovery Rate Hits 90%, Active Cases Falls

India's coronavirus cases recovery

Covid-19 cases in India has reached to7,864, 811 with 50, 129 new cases in a day. India has reached 70,78,123 convalescent patients shifting its recovery rate to 90.00%, as mentioned by Union Health Ministry.

With death toll to 118,534, country’s fatality rate has declined to 1.51%. Coronavirus has claimed 578 lives within a span of 24 hours.

There are 668,514 active cases of Covid-19, the virus has infected 8.50% of total caseload in India, said the Ministry.

11,40,905 out of 10,25,23,469,  taken till 24th October, samples were tested on 24th October.

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India's coronavirus cases recovery
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The irregular graph of infected cases was quite drastic and seeks for more care. The cases went to a mark of 20 Lakh on 7th August then to 30 Lakh on 23rd of the same month. The mark increased to 40 Lakh on 5th September and went above the mark of 50 Lakh on 16th September then changed to 60 Lakh on 28th September. The mark passed 70 Lakh on 11th October.

Kerala Covid-19 cases spiked when 8, 253 cases came out, increasing the fatality count to 3,73,148. 7084 new cases reported were through common contacts and 163 cases seem to have come from outside the state.

939 infected cases were a cause of unknown contact, told K KShailaja, Health Minister. Maharashtra cases spike was increasingly fast with 6,417 new cases added to the list of 16,38,961 total cases, said State Health Official.

43,152 casualties were reported after 137 new deaths were added to the last count. West Bengal has 3,45,574 number of cases when 4,148 were tested positive for the virus with 59 new fatalities increasing the cases to 6, 427.

4, 116 new fatalities were reported within a single day, in a span of 35 days, increasing the number of cases and marking the highest increase.

The death toll raised to 6,225 in Delhi, according to Delhi Government Bulletin.

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