World Polio Day 2020: Here’s What Researchers Said About Using Polio Vaccine For Immunity Against COVID-19

Poliomyelitis, also known as polio, is an infectious disease caused by a virus named poliovirus. This virus has an active ability causing fatal damage to the central nervous system which results in muscle weakness and further turns it into paralysis.

On 24th October World Polio Day is celebrated to commemorate Jonas Salk’s birth.

He led the first team who developed an anti-poliomyelitis vaccine, a vaccine that worked against polio.

WHO was further informed that the use of this oral poliovirus successfully established the Global Polio Eradication Initiative in 1988. According to the reports of 2013, GPEI has been a successful polio reducer globally i.e. 99%.

A similar situation has arrived on our doorsteps with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The crippling disease of polio was potentially fatal but its vaccine made it possible to administer the people around the globe. The scientists are looking into the Polio vaccine and researching on the same for prevention against the COVID-19 virus.

At the current stage, researchers are busy finding a safe as well as an effective vaccine against SARS-CoV-2.

However, WHO, World Health Organisation, has asked the researchers and scientists to keep the recommendations away at the moment since there are no past or current shreds of evidence that the vaccine could actually cure COVID-19, caused by a novel coronavirus.

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World Polio Day
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What if We Use The Polio vaccine?

Oral poliovirus vaccine was highly appreciated for its protection against polio but no such cases have been under a trial of OPV for COVID-19 patient.

Few studies have reported that using OPV in an uninfected person can activate their immune system.

Robert Gallo, a world-renowned researcher who found that HIV is caused due to AIDS, has suspected that the OPV might result in fewer fatalities.

Since winters are close, our bodies are more vulnerable to infections and diseases and a better immune system would be our only protective layer to prevent us from coronavirus.

If the immune system is activated to OPV in the body of an infected person they have a better chance of fighting against the infectious virus.

The presence of OPV in our body will release chemicals and specific elements to eliminate the fatal factors that entered the virus may cause internally. A defense mechanism may attack the virus and can further reduce or may be able to stop the virus from getting back into the tracks of a human body before it becomes more fatal and spreads throughout the system.

OPV, after it is injected in a person’s body, it grows inside the gastrointestinal tract after the vaccination acting as a live vaccine and hence alerting the immune system and activating the defense mechanism of the body.

Reaction Of Indian Scientists On The Introduction Of Polio Vaccines Into The Bodies.

Indian scientists are intrigued by the idea of using the Polio Vaccine as prevention from COVID-19. They identify the prevention technique as a testable idea but are positive with a belief that the vaccine might only offer limited protection against the infection.

They are agreeing that re-introducing the already tested and safe resulting vaccines to be one of their chances to reduce the fatalities against COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the COVID-19 vaccine are months away from the introduction in the market, the already tested vaccines might result in effective immune system for others.

During the pandemic, a huge number of children missed their vaccines, among which included the polio vaccine also and hence a decision is taken to ensure that the parents and the various health workers or the caregivers will ensure that the vaccinations will be taken care of.

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